Abroad Education Study

Here’s what we do before registering the students

1. Accessing students long term and short term goals

It is extremely critical to access the long term  and short term goal of every student planning to do higher studies abroad. This helps in suggesting the right course to the students. Also, lot many a times students tend to choose a whole different program which could be very different from the academics he/she has achieved so far.Only with proper discussion and keeping in mind the strength and weakness, the exact suitable program is recommended.

2. Choosing the right country by analysing the opportunity:

One of the most difficult things to do is the make a choice which country is suitable for a given program.Every country is different from one another. For example education system and opportunity is USA is very different from UK and Canada. Our experienced Mentor helps in matching which program is suitable for which country and helps the student to make the correct choice based on budget, career choices, stay back option, job opportunity etc.

3. Master in sending students in USA , Canada, UK, Australia,

Our mentors are masters in sending students in USA , Canada and Australia. We have helped several students in getting top scores in SAT GRE and GMAT and assisted them in some of the reputed universities in USA, UK , Canada and Australia. We have strong alumni base for recommendations and give you real time experience of how it works in different countries.

4. Going beyond just Education

It is just not education, students are making a whole shift to a different country hence weather, lifestyle, accommodation, travel, food is also critical points to consider while asking a choice of country. Our friendly mentors helps in understanding the entire dynamics of a country so that students and parents makes the right choice and there is no hint of doubt after that. this is a long term process and takes about a year hence we recommend you to start the process before one year from your date of journey.

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