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ACT is a standardised test which measures student’s college readiness and reviews the score during the admission process at an undergraduate level in USA and Canada. This is currently administered by ACT (American College Testing) a non- profit organization.

Features of ACT exam is as follows:-

  • ACT exam has four sections i.e. English, Math, Reading and Science. There is an optional section, the Writing section which has one writing prompt.
  • Total testing time for the ACT is 2 hours and 55 minutes without the writing section and 3 hours and 35 minutes for the ACT with the Writing section.
  • The test is scored in a scale of 1 to 36 and the composite score is the average of the four tests
  • The ACT is a computer based testing and takes place 6 times a year i.e. September, October, December, February, April and June for the international cities and 7 times for the national cities.
  • The cost of taking the ACT is $166 with writing and $150 without the writing prompt.

Eligibility of ACT:

There is no pre-defined eligibility criteria for taking up the test. The test is generally taken up by high school students.


Our ACT preparation course executed in a private tutoring mode which is a completely personalised coaching program with personal Mentor guidance, customised course module and study plan to reach high score in a short span of time.

The course is structured in a way that it allows you to learn the right approach and technique within a short span of time.

USP of the course:-

  • Private tutoring where personal mentor is allocated to help you reach score
  • Course is fast track and can be completed comfortably within a short span of time
  • Study plan is structured by the Mentor based on your competency in English and Math along with Science(The additional Science section justifies student’s science reasoning ability and college readiness).
  • Close monitoring of progress to help improve score
  • Additional study material along with standardised courseware.
  • 10+ Mock Tests are divided into Easy, Medium and Hard drill
  • 1500+ practice questions for regular exercise.
  • Additional doubt clearing sessions before exam
  • Pace and duration of class is based on student’s competency
  • Timings are flexible
  • Need not need to wait for batch schedule, can start within 48 hours of time
  • Program validity is 1 year

Who should take this course:-

  • Students who are targeting STEM courses for Bachelors
  • Student who is starting preparation before 5-6 months from the actual ACT exam
  • Student who has appeared of ACT once and needs customised course for score improvement in the second attempt
  • International student who cannot match IST schedule time
  • Student who cannot commit to batch timing and need flexible schedule
  • Student who wants to do only Verbal for improvement in score in English or only Math for improvement in math score
  • Students who are reasonably strong in English
  • Students who are targeting Ivy league and top 50 college in USA for STEM courses

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