GMAT Premium helps you to strengthen your foundation in Math and English before you learn the “answering technique ” of GMAT Exam. GMAT is predominantly a “computer adoptive” test where we teach you the right approach to complete the exam in three and half hours as it is also a speed based examination.


In order to complete the test with high accuracy its is important that the foundation of both the component English and Math is strong.This course is more applicable for students who is achieve high score in GMAT but scoring less in the screening test at the beginning.


Following are the details of the course:-
  • Total duration of course in 6 months
  • First 1 month only Foundation Course
  • Post Foundation course, 3 months of rigorous preparation on GMAT
  • Two months of 4 mock tests Analysis
  • Total duration 100+ hours
  • World class portal for mock tests
  • GMAT Official Guide along with sufficient other study materials
  • Additional doubt clearing sessions before exam
  • 600+ practice questions
USP of the course:-
  • Course is slow paced for strengthening foundations
  • Can take up class if missed
  • Can target high score in spite of scoring poor in screening test
  • Course validity is 1 year

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