IELTS Premium

IELTS Premium is a compact course which emphasizes on the foundation of English Language before starting with IELTS class.

A good score in IELTS can only be achieved if the basics of English is strong as IELTS is a speed-based examination.

Features of IELTS Premium:-

  • 4 months comprehensive course in 32 classes.
  • 16 classes allotted for learning and strengthening English Grammar which is much required.
  • Emphasis on writing skills and reading skills
  • Course include usage of Tenses, Preposition, Verb, Phrasal verb, Transformation of sentences, Basics of Communication Skill before going through the technique of IELTS
  • Different worksheets are used for adequate practice.
  • 16 IELTS class post completion of English Language class
  • Sufficient study material to help you study
  • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions
  • Last minute tips before exam
  • Program validity is 1 year

USP of the course:-

  • Course will strengthen your foundation in English
  • Course will increase your accuracy in IELTS
  • Course will help you to improve score much before starting for the mock tests

Who should do the course:-

  • For students who are weak in English
  • For students who wants to brush of basics before starting IELTS classes
  • For students who wants to take IELTS only once and get a good score

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