Profile Building Premium

Profile Building Premium is an excellent program which ensure required grooming sessions and digital framing of community service work.

Salient features of this course :-

  • Strengthen your profile with series of community service work and showcase them in digital channel
  • Add in areas like email writing, body language, essay writing, extempore, public speaking etc
  • This course will also help you to score high in SAT English and TOEFL
  • Program validity is 1 year

Course Detail are as follows:

  • 4 Creative writing sessions which will help you to write and express better in your personal statement
  • 4 Essay writing sessions based on common app essay(For SAT applicants) and current affairs to improve in analytical skills(Current affairs topics are mostly opinion based)
  • 4 Communication skill training sessions by our Verbal experts
  • 4 sessions of Extempore to bring in rapid improvement in thinking skills


Community Service Project details:-
  • 2 Projects on Community Service
  • Video Portfolio build-up on Social Media
  • Project submission on all the activities done so far
  • Project analysis of community service
  • Project analysis of technical work
Please note we will certify you with all the necessary certificates after you complete the program. There will be two certificates. One will be from Frame Learning and the other one will be from SRBR Trust which will provide the certificate for Community Service.

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