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Fee Policy

Refund Fee Regulation

Frame Learning(SRBR Education Private Limited) follows strict No Refund policy apart from few specific courses of Italy(Except MBBS) applications as per our regulations, so this is hereby informed to students/parents/enquiries to prevent misunderstanding and disputes. Before choosing our services/courses, you are responsible to understand that Frame Learning offers intangible and irrevocable services to its students. Thus, Frame Learning does not issue any refunds under any circumstances(apart from few specific courses of Italy[Except MBBS] applications as per our regulations) once the students start availing our service/course.

Late Fee Regulation

All our course fees are payable in full before service commencement.
In any exceptional case, if any student is allowed for deferred payment, then the student should pay within the mentioned deadline which has been communicated to him/her in writing during admission process.
In case the student fails to pay the deferred payment within the communicated deadline, then the student has to pay the Late Fee as INR 1000/- per Rs. 20000/- for each delayed month along with applicable taxes.

Payment Dishonour Fee

In the event that any cheque or other order for the payment of money is returned unpaid for any reason, then the student or parents of the student need to pay the penalty of INR 500 plus applicable bank charges for each incident.


Please take your time to get familiarise yourself with the above mentioned Fee Policy. By choosing our services/courses, you indicate that you have read this Fee policy and that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this Fee Policy.