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Basics of PSAT
PSAT or Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardised test administered by College Board. PSAT is like a smaller version of SAT which is taken by many Indian students as a practice test before the actual SAT examination.PSAT exam helps students to get familiarised with the concept of standardised testing and offers adequate practice at an early stage before SAT though Indian students does not qualify for scholarships based on PSAT exam result. In fact College Board also does not send PSAT scores to colleges for admission at Bachelor level.

PSAT ideally be taken by 9th grade students who are planning to take the SAT in the near future. PSAT normally provides an idea about the difficulty level and the testing pattern of the actual SAT exam.
Structure of PSAT
PSAT is a pencil and paper test and the total exam duration is for 2 hours 45 minutes.

PSAT exam fee is approx $17 for Indian students.

PSAT overall assesses problem-solving skills and subject matter learned in school in the following three areas: Critical Reading, Math and Writing.

Total marks for PSAT is 1520. 760 each for Verbal and Quant.

Each section of the PSAT is timed and there are four sections in the actual PSAT exam.

Please find below the details :-

  • PSAT Reading Test – 47 Questions in 60 minutes
  • PSAT Writing and Language Test- 44 questions in 35 minutes
  • PSAT Math (NO Calculator) – 17 questions in 25 minutes
  • SAT Math (With Calculator) – 31 questions in 45 minutes.

The PSAT has no essay section.
PSAT happens only in October in a Year.
Our PSAT course structure :-

  • It is a private tutoring course.
  • Total 25 hours of Live classes (including Doubt clearing session).
  • 10+ Full length Mock tests.
  • Online portal for practice.
  • Standard CourseBook.