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SAT Exclusive-Quant Only

SAT Exclusive-Quant Only

SAT Exclusive Quants 1on1 tutoring is a completely personalised coaching program with personal Mentor guidance, customised quants course module and study plan to reach high score in quant section of SAT exam in a short span of time.

The course is structured in a way that it allows the student to learn the right approach and technique of SAT Quant section within a short span of time.

USP of the course:-

  • Private tutoring where personal mentor is allocated to help you reach high score in Quant section of SAT exam
  • Course is fast track and can be completed comfortably within a short span of time
  • Study plan is structured by the Mentor based on your competency in Mathematics
  • Close monitoring of progress to help improve score
  • Additional study material along with standardised courseware
  • 8 full length Mock Tests
  • 1000+ practice questions for regular exercise.
  • Additional doubt clearing sessions before exam
  • Pace and duration of class is based on student’s competency
  • Timings are flexible
  • Need not wait for batch schedule, can start within 24 hours of time
  • Program validity is 1 year

Who should take this course:-

  • Student who is starting preparation for SAT quant section before 5-6 months from the actual SAT exam
  • Student who has appeared of SAT once and needs customised SAT quants course for score improvement in the second attempt
  • International student who cannot match IST schedule time
  • Student who cannot commit to batch timing and need flexible schedule
  • Student who wants to do only Quants for improvement in score in Mathematics