Profile Building Exclusive

Profile Building Exclusive program is for those students who wants to highlight their profile in digital platform through community service.


Salient features of this course :-
  • Strengthen your profile with community service work
  • Showcase the community service work in personalised digital channels
  • Focussed classes on creative and SOP writing
  • Program validity is 1 year


Course Details are as follows:
  • 4 Creative writing sessions which will help you to write and express better in your personal statement
  • 4 SOP writing sessions by our Verbal experts
  • One Project on social issues under community service work
  • Reflect the community service progress in personalised digital channel
Advantages of doing the program:
  • The entire program will help you to get certified by Frame Learning for Academic Sessions and SRBR Trust for Community Service
  • Better presentation and In depth Statement of Purpose writing since it has been practiced from before
  • One detailed project work on social issues will bring you closer and sensitive to real issues which helps in perception building much required and recognised by universities abroad as an International Student Applicant.
Please note we do this program over a period of 3 months. The specifics of classes can be decided post discussion with Mentor and availability of student.

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