SAT is a standardised test administered by College Board for admission in colleges in United States. It is an entrance exam which allows universities in USA to make an admission decision. SAT is required for students who will be taking up Bachelor Program in USA.

Structure of SAT

SAT is a pencil and paper test for 3 hours 50 minutes, comprising of 5 sections. Reading, Writing, Math (with calculator), Math (without calculator) and Essay(optional).

Reading Section: Reading section consist of 52 multiple choice questions and 65 minutes long. This section measures ability to understand vocabulary, integrate knowledge and design ideas. Reading section is the first section in SAT.

Writing and Language: The Writing and Language section consist of 44 questions in 35minutes.The section measures strength in grammar, argumentative and editing skill.

Math- This is the longest section in SAT and consists of 58 questions in 80 minutes. The first 20 questions are no calculator allowed questions and rest 38 is calculator allowed questions.

Basic ability to solve arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry is tested here.

Essay-SAT essay is optional and students might take essay if they want to showcase ability in analytical writing. The essay should be of 650 to 750 words to be written in 50 minutes. Much importance is given on composite score than essay.

The total score of SAT is 1600 with 800 in Math and 800 in English.

The score is valid for 5 years.

Examination of SAT in India:

SAT is a pen & paper test and student have to register prior to one month from the date of examination.

SAT is coming in Online mode from the year 2023

SAT is administered normally 5 times a year – March, May, August, October and December

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