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7 Top Countries to Study Abroad (And Stay Back To Work)

Maybe you don’t just want to study abroad… You also want to stay back in that country, take up a job, and possibly settle there permanently.

This is why there are a range of additional factors you must consider when choosing a country to pursue higher studies in. These factors would help you ensure a smooth post-study experience by addressing your work visa needs, lifestyle preferences, and overall career and life goals.

So, which country is best for Indian students to study and stay in?

Here are seven options:


Germany enjoys attention for its tuition-free public universities and post-study openings, enabling graduates to build in-demand careers. 

You’ll find several English-taught programs, especially in the engineering and technology categories.

After finishing degrees, students can activate 18-month jobseeker visas while leveraging world-class education credentials to unlock opportunities throughout Europe.


Canada upholds globally recognized educational standards while linking degree holders to immigration options. 

Many universities incorporate professional placements, allowing students to gain applicable skills before graduating. 

The Post-Graduation Work Permit then facilitates up to three years of employment and provides provisions for transitioning to permanent resident status.


Australia mixes prestigious universities and an innovation-fueled job market with a relaxed lifestyle that appeals to many students. 

After finishing degrees, graduates on Temporary Graduate visas can access between two to four years of work authorization aligned with their qualification levels. 

Such post-study openings allow international students to build a solid career foundation.

New Zealand

Beyond eye-catching landscapes, New Zealand delivers top-caliber education (plus a famously warm welcome to students).

Anyone completing studies is entitled to a Post-Study Work Visa. This enables access to employment across thriving sectors for up to three years after graduation – all the while enjoying an unparalleled quality of life.

United States

The United States retains global prominence as a study destination. 

Through wide-ranging internship and OPT (Optional Practical Training) opportunities, students actively develop career skills alongside studies across countless disciplines. 

After conferral, eligible F-1 graduates unlock 12 months of OPT with possible 24-month STEM extensions for specialized work experience.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is acclaimed for progressive education centered on research and development. 

Dutch institutions pioneer teaching within areas like water management, agriculture, and renewable energy. 

After completing their studies, graduates can activate one-year Orientation Year visas. This enables them to stay for employment or entrepreneurship.


Ireland‘s thriving tech sector presents abundant openings for degree holders focused on IT, biotech, pharma, and related specialties. 

Through the Third Level Graduate Scheme, non-EU students can remain in Ireland for up to two years post-graduation while seeking jobs and gaining footholds in the European market.


Singapore boasts a strategic Asian locale paired with world-leading universities (and bustling business hubs). This equips graduates for unmatched employability within finance, tech, engineering, and other competitive fields. 

The country’s structured work permit system empowers international students with streamlined workforce transitions.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to study abroad can be more than just about “studying.” You can stay back, get a fulfilling job, and possibly plan to live in that country permanently. 

This is why you must have a long picture in view when choosing your destination country.

Of course, selecting the right country and university is not easy. You have to consider so many different factors. This is why getting help from overseas education consultants is highly recommended.

Talk to an expert, discuss your career goals and life plans with them, and create a roadmap with their expertise that ensures you achieve academic, career, and life success in the decades to come.


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