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International students in Australia

Australia is set to further integrate international graduates into its workforce by extending post-study work rights for select degree holders. From July 2023, the Australian government will extend the Temporary Graduate Work visa (subclass 485) for over 400 bachelor’s and master’s programs, as well as all Ph.D. programs in areas of verified skill shortage. This strategic move aims to tackle the current skills crisis and spur economic growth in the country.

The New Rules

The extension provides eligible international higher education graduates an additional two years on their Temporary Graduate visa. This will allow undergraduates of the selected 400 programs to stay and work in Australia for four years, up from the previous two. Master’s students within the eligible disciplines will enjoy a five-year stay, increased from three years. Meanwhile, Ph.D. graduates in any discipline can now reside in the country for six years, a two-year improvement from the previous four.


The eligible occupations in demand cover a diverse range of fields, including medicine, psychology, optometry, pharmacy, teaching, engineering, information and communication technology, agriculture, and food technology. Students are encouraged to verify if their chosen disciplines qualify for the extended post-study work visa. The two-year extension comes in addition to the existing extra one to two years of work rights for eligible students who study, live, and work in regional areas.

Working Hour Extension

In tandem with the visa extension, the Australian government has also announced an increase to the working hour cap for international students. From 1 July 2023, the cap will be raised from 40 to 48 hours per fortnight. This change follows the government’s decision to lift the restriction 18 months ago in response to the worker shortage caused by strict border closures during the height of the pandemic.

Australia’s latest move to extend post-study work rights for international graduates not only provides valuable opportunities for these students to further their careers but also addresses the country’s skills crisis. By offering longer work rights, Australia hopes to retain top talent in critical sectors, ultimately stimulating economic growth and strengthening its global competitiveness.

If you’re planning to study abroad, Australia could be one of the best choices. Not only does the country home some of the best universities in the world but it also provides many benefits and favorable conditions for international students to build a successful career. For example, did you know Australia pays the highest for part-time jobs to international students among all countries? If you have any questions, want more information on the latest post-study work duration extension, or need help with admission, reach out to the overseas education consultants at Frame Learning.

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