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Many students move abroad to pursue higher education right after 12th board. But then there are also those who choose to complete their undergraduate studies in the home country first and then move to a foreign country for a master’s degree.

If you’re in a place where you’re wondering when to go abroad for higher studies – at the undergraduate level or post-graduation – there’s no fixed answer to this. There are so many factors to consider and it varies from one person to another.

Why going abroad for studies after 12th class might be a better idea?

  • If the student has a clear idea of what they want to study, they can pursue their interests by going directly abroad after completing their 12th class. Students will be able to take courses of their choice right away and will not be compelled to take courses that are traditionally considered prerequisites for pursuing a particular field of study at a higher level.
  • Students will not have to worry about the Indian entrance exams such as JEE Mains/Advanced (for Engineering), NEET (for Medical), AIEEE (for Architecture), etc., which can be very stressful due to the cut-throat competition involved in clearing them. Of course, for education abroad, you will have to sit for other tests like SAT, TOEFL, and more. But comparatively, these standardized tests are simpler. Since they are non-ranked based, others scoring higher than you have little impact on your admission prospect. As long as you’re scoring above average, you’re good to go.
  • They can get started on their career path sooner than later by completing a course of three years duration instead of four years in India. However, this also implies that they will have to work harder during the three-year period.

Why going abroad for higher education after undergraduate studies might be a better idea?

  • Undergraduate schools in countries like the US, UK, and Australia are costlier compared to grad schools. So, in case you have financial issues and you can’t arrange the funds for a bachelor-level program abroad, waiting till you’re ready for post-graduation might be a fitting idea.
  • When you have just finished high school, you’re still a kid. If you don’t have any experience of living out of your home and city, going abroad for higher studies might be an anxiety-filled experience. You may not like this experience. Even your parents might not be thrilled about letting you go so far away from home. If this is indeed the case, you may hold up until you finish your under-graduation in the home country before going to a foreign country for a Master’s degree.
  • You have defined education and career objectives that make pursuing a master’s degree abroad a sensible decision. Remember, while studying abroad is rewarding, you don’t necessarily have to do it just for the sake of it. So, after you finished your 12th class and you didn’t have any plans, you can continue your studies in your home country. However, after undergraduate studies, now that you have a clear picture of what you want to do in your career and that requires completing a master’s degree abroad, you should do that.

Final words

These are some scenarios when pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees abroad make sense. If you need personalized assistance with more tailored answers, consider getting help from overseas education consultants. Talk to the experts and get their advice.

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