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The Advanced Placement (AP) is a program that provides examinations for students in the US to assess college readiness. These tests, also available for international students, are offered by the College Board organization, which administers the SAT and other standardized tests.

So, while you’re in high school, you can go through the college-level curriculum and examinations through the advanced placement program. This way you can earn college credits and avail other perks (provided you score well in the exam), like receiving grant placement.

In addition to taking AP classes during high school, students can also prepare for the exams by studying independently through self-paced online resources. Most American colleges and universities grant credits or advanced standing for successful completion of an AP test.

AP Exams vs. SAT

Often, many students get confused between the AP exams and SAT. Here are some of the key differences between the two:

Used for college creditUsed for college admission
High score can help you skip early semesters and move directly to high-level classesStandardized test that helps only with admission
OptionalMandatory by most colleges in the US
Exam is conducted once a year (in May)Administered 5 times a year
They are subject exams; there are 34 courses and exams across subjectsCovers 2 main categories: Evidence-based reading and math
Fee: $96Fee: $52

Just like SAT, AP exams are different than ACT. So, while you’re planning your study-abroad journey, make sure not to confuse them with each other, which is quite a common err.

Benefits of AP Test

AP preparation is a necessity for many high school students planning to go to college It is an important part of their education, and it will help them succeed in college. Here are some of the top benefits of taking the AP exam:

It can help students get into college

Many colleges and universities require AP credits for admission. This means that if you take AP classes and perform well on the exam, you may be able to skip some prerequisites in college.

It can help students get scholarships

Scholarships are available for many different kinds of activities, including participating in sports or clubs, but also for academic achievement. Scholarships are often merit-based, meaning they reward academic excellence and hard work with money. There are many scholarships available for high school students who have taken the AP exam.

It gives you an advantage in college admissions

Many colleges use the scores from standardized tests like the SAT or ACT to determine admission requirements for applicants. If you score well on these tests, it can give you an advantage over other applicants who didn’t take them or did poorly on them. Many colleges also have minimum scores that must be met before they’ll accept an applicant into their program. Taking AP courses gives you practice with standardized tests so that you don’t panic when taking them for real during the application process.

It gives students a sense of accomplishment.

Taking an AP class is no easy feat. Students who take on the challenge will likely feel proud of their accomplishments. They can take pride in having completed rigorous coursework, knowing they have the knowledge and skills needed not only to pass their AP exam but also to excel in college courses.

It prepares students for college-level work

If you plan on going to college, then taking an AP course can help you get ready for what lies ahead of you after high school graduation. In many cases, colleges will give credit for successfully completing AP classes toward graduation requirements or toward fulfilling general education credits. You can even use your scores from certain exams as placement tests at certain universities!

It boosts GPA

One of the biggest benefits of taking an AP course is that it will boost your GPA. Taking an AP class shows colleges that you are willing to take on challenging work and it shows them what kind of work ethic you have. If you do well in an AP class, then it will boost your GPA, which can help you get into a better college or university.

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