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top MBA schools in USA

Yes, you want to do your MBA from a top business school…

But do even qualify for it? Are you eligible to get admission to one such school? Do you have the right profile that the admission committee would prefer?

The top universities in the US and Europe are very selective. Just because an applicant has a good academic background doesn’t mean they’re assured of admission. There are many factors that admission committees at these universities consider. They look for an “ideal” profile that checks all the right boxes.

So, if you’re looking to secure a seat at any of these business schools, you need that “ideal” profile.

Here are seven things you require to create a base level profile to be qualified to do MBA in the US or Europe:

Bachelor’s degree

Although some business schools accept applicants with a non-business undergraduate degree, it is important to note that the majority require at least a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field. The average GPA for admitted students is around 3.5 out of 4.0, although this varies greatly by school and program. In general, the higher the GPA, the better the chances of you getting admission.


The resume/CV should include professional achievements, honors and awards received, leadership positions held, volunteer work done, languages spoken fluently, and other relevant information about yourself that will help admissions officers learn more about who you are as a person and how you will fit into their student body.

Two to three years of work experience

Even if you have a relevant bachelor’s degree from an elite institution, you won’t get accepted without at least two years of work experience in an industry related to your intended field of study. This can be difficult for recent graduates who haven’t had time to build up their resumes yet, but there are ways around it: internships and volunteering can help give you professional experience even before graduation day. There are some business schools that prefer applicants who have built their own businesses or, in one way or another, have demonstrated entrepreneurial skills.

Personal Statement

The personal statement is a crucial part of your application, and it is your chance to tell the Admissions Committee why you want an MBA, what you hope to accomplish with it, and how your past experiences and future goals fit into this plan. It should be written in the first person (ie “I want an MBA” not “my client wants an MBA”) and should not ideally exceed two pages.

Two letters of professional recommendation

Most business schools require two letters from professionals who can speak to your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate for their program. This can be anyone from an employer, former professor, or colleague. The most important thing is that these letters come from people who know you well enough to write an honest assessment of your abilities and potential as an MBA student.

Good TOEFL score

TOEFL assesses your ability to read, write and speak English at the university level. It is important in the US. Similarly, many European schools also require the TOEFL or other tests of English proficiency.

GMAT scores over 600

The GMAT measures analytical skills and verbal reasoning ability. This standardized test is required by most US business schools, but some European institutions do not require it. If you’re applying to both American and European institutions, check their websites carefully to find out if they accept this exam or require something else instead. Ideally, the more you score in your GMAT, the higher the chances of you getting admission to a top business school.

Have questions? Need help?

Top business schools in the world are a dream for many students. If you have the same dream, turn it into a reality. Connect with experts and overseas education consultants for help. Seek their assistance in building a strong profile that’s fit for admission at top MBA schools in the US and Europe. An expert can help you throughout the process, answering your queries and assisting with the application process.

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