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Degree Courses in Canada

There are more than enough reasons for international students to head to Canada to pursue their higher education. The country has some of the world’s most prominent universities that boast cutting-edge infrastructure and superior quality programs. And then, of course, these institutes have a campus culture that many students wish for. Also, contrary to the popular belief, the 2-year programs in many Canadian universities are priced affordably, which is another factor that attracts international students to this country.

However, in recent times, with more students looking to relocate and possibly live abroad, Canada has become more popular among them than before. The immigration policy of the country further supports this trend, appealing to more and more international students.

Work After Completing Your Course

Canada makes it easier for international students to stay back and start working as soon as they complete their graduation. Post-graduation from a post-secondary institution, students can apply for Post-Study Work Visa.

The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program allows international students to work for up to 3 years in the country. This permit duration, however, varies depending on the duration of the course. Students who are enrolled in a 1-year program, they can work in Canada for up to 1 year after the completion of the program. Students who are enrolled in a two-year program, they can stay and work in Canada for up to 3 years post completion of their course.

Choosing to Live in Canada Permanently

A post-study work permit can pave international students to permanent residency. After working in Canada for a year, now that they have valid work experience, they can opt for the permanent residence route. This, of course, is possible only if they check all the other requirements needed to get Canada’s residence-class visa.

Want to Study Abroad?

Even if permanent residency isn’t what you’re looking for, working for a year or two in Canada can be a big difference-maker in your portfolio. It can add major cred to your career journey.

So, if you want to study abroad, Canada stands as one of the brightest destinations. Enroll in a good university under the desired program, complete your graduation, acquire your post-study work permit (has to be applied for within 180 days after course-completion), work in Canada, and confidently build a career that has growth and success written all over it.

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