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Cost of Studying in Europe

Many Indian students want to study in Europe. Some even want to stay back and build their career in those European countries. Are you one of them?

Aside from the most obvious option of the UK and Germany, there are six countries that Indian students are increasingly choosing to pursue their higher studies. Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, France, and Switzerland.

This post will cover the cost of studying in these countries and the options to stay back.


Italy offers a blend of rich history and affordable education. Non-EU students typically pay tuition fees between €850-€1,000 annually. Monthly living costs are around €700-€1,000. After graduation, Italy provides a 6-12 month stay-back option. It’s an opportunity to seek employment or start a business, potentially leading to permanent residency.


In the Netherlands, international students pay tuition fees averaging €6,000-€15,000 annually. Monthly living expenses range between €800-€1,200. After completing their education, students can apply for an ‘Orientation Year’ permit. It allows a one-year stay to find employment, a gateway to the Dutch job market.


Poland offers cost-effective education. The tuition fees for non-EU students ranging €2,000-€3,000 annually. Living costs are approximately €500 monthly. After graduation, a stay-back option of up to 9 months is available. It’s a period to find a job or start a business, potentially leading to a long-term stay.


Austria, a country with a rich cultural heritage, offers a unique study experience. Tuition fees for international students are approximately €726.72 per semester. Monthly living expenses, including housing, meals, and transport, are around €800-€1,000. After graduation, Austria offers a 12-month stay-back period. This time can be used to find employment, potentially leading to a long-term stay in the country.


France’s reputation for high-quality education and vibrant cultural scene makes it a top pick for international students. Tuition fees? They usually fall between €2,770 and €3,770 a year. As for living expenses, you’re looking at around €800 to €1,200 per month. This covers accommodation, food, and transportation. Once you’ve got your degree, France lets you stick around for up to 24 months. It’s the perfect chance to hunt for jobs or kick off a business.


Switzerland is a go-to for international students, especially for the research opportunities it offers. Expect to pay between CHF 500 and CHF 2,000 per semester for tuition fees. Living costs are about CHF 1,600 to CHF 2,200 per month, covering your accommodation, food, and transportation. Once you’ve graduated, Switzerland gives you a 6-month window to find a job. It’s a great opportunity to potentially settle down in the country.

Get Help from Experts

Understanding the costs and stay-back options in a foreign country can be complex. The process involves numerous factors, and the information can change frequently.

For a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date picture, talking to an overseas education consultant is advisable. They can provide personalized guidance, helping students make informed decisions about their overseas education journey. Their expertise can simplify the process, ensuring students are well-prepared for their academic journey abroad.

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