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Some of the world’s top business schools require applicants for MBA to have relevant work experience. It is actually one of the key admission criteria. However, in recent times, things have slightly shifted, making way for deferred enrollment programs. And it’s a trend that many business schools are totally behind.

What Is Deferred Enrollment Program?

The idea behind the deferred enrollment program is that students, immediately after completing their undergraduate studies or during the last semester of their course, can apply to business schools for pre-admission. If accepted, they can enroll in the program after two, three, or four years of gaining work experience. In a way, they have their seats locked at that business school. So, they can start working and after a defined period, they can get back to school.

While deferred enrollment program, by no means, something new. It has, however, gain significant popularity in recent times with top universities offering this program.

There are several benefits to why deferred enrollment program is highly preferred. For instance, it provides a guarantee to students to do an MBA; it allows them the time to gain work experience with the certainty or assurance of their admission to a top business school. However, that doesn’t make getting the pre-admission any easier.

Challenge To Get Pre-Admission

Given the class sizes of top business schools very small, it’s really challenging to secure the admission. Also, since applicants don’t have any work experience, the college admission committees focus more on the GMAT score, as well as applicants’ academic background. So, not only do you need to score very good in your GMAT, but you also must have an excellent academic profile that demonstrates your skills, aptitude, as well as emotional intelligence through GPAs and extracurricular activities.

Name Of Some Universities Providing Deferred Enrollment MBA Programs:

• Berkeley Haas
• Carnegie Mellon Tepper
• Chicago Booth
• Columbia Business School
• Harvard Business School
• MIT / Sloan
• Northwestern Kellogg
• Stanford GSB
• UVA / Darden
• The Wharton School
• Yale School of Management

Get Help From An Expert

So, if you’re planning to apply for deferred enrollment program at a top business school, it’s going to be a task even though the admission process is just like any. You need to check all the right boxes, for which you would require the right assistance by your side. Connect with an expert or overseas education consultant. Get their help in GMAT preparation, as well as with the admission application process. With expert help by your side, you can successfully apply for a deferred MBA program that maps to your needs and career goals.

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