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Compared to studying at the finest university within your home country, studying in the US isn’t necessarily as expensive as is assumed.

However, in addition to not being adequately qualified, failing to afford the opportunity remains a big reason why many international students can’t get admission to an American university.

Fortunately, now there are several financing options for international students, including different forms of scholarships.

If you want to pursue your bachelor’s degree in the US but can’t self-finance, you can apply for scholarships. While it won’t necessarily be easy to get funded depending on various factors (like which college you’re applying to, your academic record, and more), you still have options nonetheless. Having a fair understanding of the eligibility criteria of these scholarships, as well as their overall preference, can give you an edge in getting a full or partial scholarship.

So, what should you know?

If you are applying for a full scholarship then your academic score will just not cut it; you will have to stand out above others – academically as well as personally. You need to persuade the panelists that your talent and potential deserve the scholarship more than your fellow applicants’ do. Even if you do manage to get into the shortlisted group of candidates, remember that this is only half the battle won; the final test comes during the interview round.

Here are the three most critical requirements of getting financial aid:

Good academic background

This is an important criterion for almost all universities that give out partial or full scholarships. Depending on the program applied for, universities might look at your GPA score

Scoring well in competitive exams

Some scholarships can be availed by taking competitive exams such as SAT or ACT, which assesses students’ overall proficiency and knowledge. These exams are considered important when applying for courses in the US.

Motivation letter

You must write a convincing motivation letter expressing why you are talented and deserving of the scholarship. This letter should underline your goals, values, and career mission; what you intend to achieve with this program and want to achieve thereafter.

In addition to these core requirements, different scholarships will have different criteria. So, before applying for the aid, make sure to go through their details and requirements; make sure you check all the right boxes so as to increase your chances of getting that scholarship.

Final words

For students who are financially weak but academically meritorious, there are several financial aid programs that can help them pay for their education in the US. There are many scholarship opportunities for international students who wish to pursue full-time courses at US universities depending upon the course fee and duration of the program. Students applying for scholarships must keep in mind that they need to fulfill all the pre-requisites of the program they wish to apply for. For more information or personalized assistance, please get in touch with our team at Frame Learning, a leading overseas education consultant.

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