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GRE vs. GMAT Which One Should You Choose

The GRE and GMAT are common standardized tests for getting into graduate school. But when comparing GRE vs. GMAT, it is evident they serve different purposes.

The GRE aims wide. It’s accepted by most graduate programs, regardless of field, from sciences to humanities. The exam sections test verbal reasoning, math skills, and writing ability.

On the other hand, the GMAT targets business school applicants. The focus is on skills needed to handle quantitative business concepts and managerial-level critical thinking. Test sections cover verbal, quantitative, integrated reasoning, and writing.

Are You Targeting a Specific Academic Discipline?

When comparing GRE vs. GMAT, figuring out which test is better aligned depends mainly on your academic and career aspirations:

  • Non-business graduate programs: The GRE is the standard here. Its broad scope and wide acceptance make it the choice for further studies in fields ranging from the arts to engineering.
  • MBA or management master’s: The GMAT is preferred and often required for admission into prominent business schools globally. It specifically measures aptitude expected for success in business and management roles.

How Do the GRE vs. GMAT Exam Contents Compare?

Looking closely at the test content also clarifies which matches your strengths better:

  • GRE verbal emphasizes vocabulary and presents diverse analytical writing tasks. The quant section covers core math concepts like algebra, geometry, and data interpretation, which tests basic problem-solving abilities.
  • GMAT quant is considered more complex, testing higher quantitative reasoning proficiency required in business. Unique question types like data sufficiency problems require a firm grasp of business math principles.

When It Comes To GRE vs. GMAT – Which Test Aligns with Your Skills?

Choosing between the GRE vs. GMAT depends partly on playing to your strengths:

  • If verbal expression is a forte: The GRE exam pattern could suit you better, with its vocabulary-driven questions and two separate analytical writing sections testing complex argument analysis.
  • If quant is your superpower: The GMAT may be a better match, with its focus on interpreting charts/tables, solving algebra and geometry problems, and tackling integrated reasoning questions that mimic business decision scenarios.

What About Test Preparation?

Both tests require diligent preparation. But materials and tips vary:

  • GRE Prep: Abundant prep resources exist — official guides, comprehensive test prep books, and GRE prep classes & courses that thoroughly cover verbal, quant, and writing.
  • GMAT Prep: Sharp quantitative skills and speed are key. Join GMAT coaching classes and practice tests that mimic the GMAT’s adaptive structure to help improve time management and problem-solving strategies.

Are You Planning an International Career?

For those targeting careers spanning countries and continents:

  • MBA or business roles abroad: The GMAT is sought-after by premier global B-schools, especially in Europe and Asia. It could bolster candidacy.
  • Flexible graduate studies: The GRE has wide recognition across geographic regions and academic disciplines. So, students applying for the GRE have lots of options open.

Many MBA universities abroad, like the prestigious Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Wharton School, accept both GRE and GMAT scores depending on your chosen field of study. So, you can easily choose between both exams best suited to your requirements.

GRE vs. GMAT – Which Exam Is More Flexible?

The GRE enjoys wider acceptance, allowing greater postgraduate options:

  • GRE: Most graduate programs take GRE scores, so it keeps doors open across disciplines like sciences, arts, and humanities. It’s helpful if you’re still choosing between fields.
  • GMAT: Primarily used by business schools for MBA and management degrees. It’s essential if you’ve firmly decided on that route.

Final Thoughts

Choose the GRE if you:

  • Want to keep graduate study options flexible
  • Have strong writing and verbal reasoning abilities
  • Are applying to both B-schools and other programs

Choose GMAT if:

  • A business career is the clear goal
  • Seeking to get into prestigious B-schools
  • Quantitative analysis is a personal strength

Still Confused?

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