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To get admission in any college abroad, international students are required to appear for several standard entrance exams. Which exam – it depends on the country, college and course you have chosen. For instance, in the American Universities, English proficiency test TOEFL is more widely accepted as opposed to IELTS, which is preferred by universities in the European nations. Similarly, based on the program you’re choosing, you will have to sit for a few other tests as well; like GMAT if you’re going for a graduate management program like MBA. It is critical to understand what country you are targeting and what program you are aspiring to take up. Based on the program and the intake year you are planning to go for, plan your target score and prepare the timeline you need to reach that score.

Which Tests Do You Have To Give?

So, before you ask – “how to prepare for entrance tests to study abroad” – you need to figure out what tests you’re required to sit for. This isn’t easy, given it first demands you to pick a country, as well as a few colleges and programs, which is a challenging task in itself if you’re not very certain of your career goals and aspirations. In such a case, getting career counseling from experts is almost always a good idea.

Tests –

  • For PG and PHD in USA- GRE, IELTS/Toefl
  • For UG in USA – SAT, IELTS
  • For European countries MS in UG, PG,- IELTS
  • For Canada, Australia UG, PG- IELTS
  • For MBA in USA, Germany and European Countries- GMAT, IELTS
  • For MBA in UK- IELTS
  • For MBA in Australian top universities and Canada- GMAT IELTS

Know Them Well Inside-Out

Once you’re aware of the entrance tests you’ll have to give to get admission in the desired college abroad, the first step in the process is to do some research and learn as much about them as possible. A common mistake students make is failing to understand the format and objective of such tests. Don’t be one of them. Spend some time learning more about these tests. This will make the preparation process so much simpler and rewarding. None of the exams are checking your competency in English and Maths. GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS/ TOEFL are speed based exam hence the technique and approach to finish the exam in time is the most important thing to learn.

Need To Score Well

Many colleges have their own threshold; if you score less than this mark in your entrance tests, you might not even be qualified to apply. Moreover, if there are many students applying to the same college and for the same course, the key is to outdo them with better grades so that your application stands out and you’re positioned well to get admission if the seats are limited. Top score in GRE is 325+ and GMAT 700+. IELTS- 8 band Toefl -110Ibt

Getting The Right Help

This is why relying solely on online resources and DIY measures when preparing for these admission tests is a bad idea. Scoring high in them is challenging. So, getting help from experts is always preferred and recommended. Whether you’re preparing for TOEFL exam online for higher studies abroad or GMAT for study in abroad – or both – find a good online tutor and enroll yourself in fitting study abroad course(s). The course will take you through a rigorous curriculum, arming you with the right knowledge, tools, and mindset to score sufficiently.

And Then What?

Of course, getting good marks in your entrance tests doesn’t guarantee anything; many other factors come to play here. It does, however, improve your chances of getting admission in the desired college. Once the result is out, follow the instructions outlined by respective colleges to apply for admission. Indeed, this is far from easy. Incomplete application and poor essay are two of the biggest reasons why international students fail to get admission abroad. So, consider contacting overseas education consultants and working along with them throughout the admission process.

Find a Good Overseas Education Consultant

They will take care of everything end-to-end, including your Student Visa application and arranging for your travel. In addition, in case if you got a poor score in your entrance tests, experienced consultants can still assist you in discovering better opportunities. So, with them by your side, your chances of getting admission abroad – and in a good college to that –significantly increases. Take the first step today to score well in your standard entrance tests and get admission in the right college.

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