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Studying in Ireland

Ireland has always ranked among the world’s most beautiful countries, blessed with nature’s best views. However, in recent times, it has gone beyond that tag. Owing to infrastructural advancements and economic growth, the country has emerged as a new technology hub; a tech hub not just of Europe but the entire world.

Some of the leading brands have extensive presence in Ireland, from Apple and Alphabet to IBM and Microsoft. And they are continuously expanding. The country homes thousands of tech startups. Over the years, it has exported many innovative products and solutions across borders, marking its global presence as one of the tech leaders.

How Ireland has become a tech hub?

There are several reasons why Ireland is now often synonymized as a tech destination of the world. The presence of top technology companies attracts a lot of attention and wheels the cycle to appeal to more brands; it fosters a thriving tech startup culture at home. Its EU location adds to the appeal, unlocking companies a customer base of over 700 million people.

The government’s commitment in Ireland towards innovation, as well as its favorable policies, are a big advantage for business owners. The availability of a highly-skilled workforce drives the country’s shine further.

Attracting international students?

The mentioned scenario has also hooked the attention of international students, many of who now pick Ireland as a preferred destination to pursue higher education in. The country has some of the best universities in the world, offering a wide range of technology programs to suit the distinct needs and aspirations of the applicants.

Simple visa application, as well as the option to stay back and start working, draws more international students to Ireland. After completing their education, students can apply to tech enterprises, SMBs, or startups and start working on a full-time job. There are plenty of career opportunities that pay high and offer great flexibility.

Want to study abroad? Come to Ireland

If you’re planning to study abroad, Ireland could very well be the ultimate choice. This is especially true if you want a career in tech. Ireland is a tech hub now and it’s continuously growing, adding more feathers under its wings. From superior quality education at top universities to great work opportunities, the country promises you an excellent experience.

If you need more information about studying in Ireland and need assistance with the admission process, get in touch with overseas education consultants. Get their help.

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