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You want to study abroad but are confused about “where”. Ireland might just be the perfect answer here!

In recent times, many international students are going away from the standard options like the US, the UK, and Canada – opting for less popular destinations to pursue their higher education. Ireland is among the rising favorites, attracting hundreds of Indian students annually.

There are many factors that qualify this island country as an ideal choice.

Here are some of the reasons that make Ireland a good study-abroad destination for international students:

Comparatively less expensive

In comparison to other popular destinations like the US and the UK, Ireland is a much more affordable destination for international students. Per year, an average tuition fee can range anywhere between €10,000 and €20,000. That said, based on which city you choose, this fee might be even lower. Dublin, Cork, Galway, Maynooth, Belfast, and Limerick are some of the most popular cities in Ireland that attract the most international students.

One of the friendliest nations

The Irish people are known for their kindness and hospitality. If you’re traveling to Ireland, you’ll find that the country is very friendly and welcoming. The Irish people have a long tradition of welcoming travelers and visitors with open arms. This is one reason why many students choose to study abroad in Ireland.

Peaceful and happy ecosystem

In the Global Peace Index 2022 ranking, Ireland stands at the third position. In the World Happiness Report, Ireland ranks at 13th position. So, the country boasts a peaceful and happy ecosystem where communities thrive and live a much healthier life. This ensures international students of general well-being and better quality of life.

Many world-class universities

Another reason why so many international students choose to study in Ireland is that there are so many highly-ranked universities there that offer some of the best education in Europe. In addition, Ireland has several state-supported colleges that offer degree programs at very affordable prices and allow students to graduate debt-free if they choose.

Diverse range of programs

Ireland has a wide range of universities, colleges, and institutes that offer programs in a variety of fields, including arts, business, and education. Programs offered at these institutions range from short-term courses to degree programs. So, irrespective of your career goals, you’re assured to find a fitting college in Ireland.

Business, finance, data science, pharmaceutical sciences, engineering, bioscience, and medicine are some of the top-preferred Bachelor’s programs in Ireland. Software engineering, med-tech, data engineering, sustainable energy, global businesses, and Information and Network Security are popular Master’s programs.

Good part-time work opportunities

All the while pursuing college education, international students can also work part-time jobs. Incidentally, you can find many good work opportunities that pay well. Adding work experience to your portfolio can prepare you for much better and high-paying jobs after you graduate.

Very safe for students

Ireland is a very safe country for students and has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. The country has strict laws against crime and violence. Many universities also have their own security measures that add to safety. So, if the crime rate is one of your key considerations, Ireland won’t disappoint you.

Suited for all types of lifestyles

Ireland is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Europe with a population that offers a great choice of accommodation and facilities. Ireland has a thriving economy, low unemployment, and a very high standard of living. So, whether you’re someone who likes going out every weekend or someone who prefers to stay alone most of the time, Ireland is fitting for all types of lifestyles.

Flexible intakes

Ireland universities offer two intakes: Autumn and Spring. The autumn intake begins in September and ends in December. The spring intake, which is a more popular option, starts in January and ends in May. So, international students don’t necessarily have to rush through the process. They have enough intake flexibility to get admission to their favorite college without any conflict of dates.

Post-study job opportunities

The Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme allows graduates from approved institutions to work and live in Ireland after they have completed their studies. The Scheme provides protection against discrimination, guarantees a right to reside and work in Ireland, and ensures the right to equal treatment and respect for private life.

It applies to all graduates who have received a recognized qualification from an institution in an EU country. So, under this scheme, after graduation, you can stay back in Ireland for up to 24 months to seek employment.

Final words

These are some of the factors that make Ireland a great choice for students who want to pursue higher education abroad. If you’re still on the fence or need help in admission to a good Irish university, get in touch with overseas education consultants. Take their help and navigate your study-abroad journey with apt decisions.

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