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Education in Ireland

The likes of the USA and Australia remain a go-to destination for international students. However, in recent times, more students are looking at (and opting for) other options. In that, Ireland has emerged as one of the favorite names.

If you’re looking to go abroad to pursue higher education, Ireland might just be a perfect country for you. And there are plenty of reasons why!

Here are 7 reasons why international students love Ireland and why you should choose this study-abroad destination as well:

1. World-class education infrastructure

Ireland is a home to some of the world’s leading and most-recognized universities. These universities are equipped with state-of-art facilities and rich academic resources.

The country boasts a robust higher education infrastructure that’s capable of offering superior quality education to students.

2. Fitting for students with diverse aspirations

Whether you want to become a doctor, marine biologist, lawyer, musician, or anything else, the universities in Ireland support every type of dream and aspiration.

They offer a wide range of programs across different subjects.

So, irrespective of your career goals, you will find a fitting course here that supports those goals.

3. Plenty of work opportunities

Ireland has many renowned MNCs. There are many big companies camping in this country.

After your graduation, you can find great work opportunities in these companies.

And what’s best? International students can easily get a 2-year post-study work visa in Ireland. Further, if you have found employment, and you check the basic criteria, you can even apply for the green card if you want to stay in Ireland.

4. Safe, friendly and outstanding

This cannot be overstated. Ireland is absolutely beautiful. The country is blessed with nature’s finest views. It is also among the world’s safest countries.

What makes things even better is the people here.

The people in Ireland are friendly and open. You can easily make connections with strangers, befriend them, and enjoy lasting relationships.

5. Better standard of living

Ireland has incredible infrastructure. From transportation to healthcare, everything is great.

The cities are advanced with good culture, supporting all types of lifestyle.

Whether you’re someone who loves spending time in nature or someone who likes hitting pubs with friends every other day – Ireland won’t disappoint you.

6. An English speaking country

Ireland is an English speaking country. So, you don’t really have to learn any additional language.

For example, if you’re moving to Germany for studies, it’s ideal to know basic German. Same with many European countries. This is not the case with Ireland, and this is a big pro.

7. Affordable education and reasonable cost of living

Higher education in Ireland for international students isn’t cheap. However, it isn’t as costly as some of the other popular study-abroad destinations.

Moreover, you will find plenty of scholarships too. The Ireland universities offer generous merit-based scholarships to international students.

So, you don’t have to worry much about affording education in Ireland.

Final Words

Ireland checks all the right boxes. It’s a part of the reason why many Indian students are choosing this country over other traditional options.

If you want to pursue higher education abroad, consider Ireland.

Consult overseas education consultants and get their help in getting admission to a top university in Ireland.

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