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The TOEFL test, an important exam for students hoping to study internationally, has seen some revisions in 2023. These revisions are aimed at streamlining the process for test-takers.

So, what exactly has changed with the test?

Let’s take a look at them.

Shorter Test Duration

In an effort to address fatigue and efficiency issues, the overall time to complete the TOEFL has been shortened from 3 hours to under 2.

This noticeable change reflects an understanding that lengthy exams can be daunting for students.

Revised Sections

Reading Section: Test-takers now have just 35 minutes to work through 2 reading passages and 20 questions, rather than the previous format of 4 passages.

Listening Section: There are also some key adjustments to the listening portion. It will consist of 3 lectures and two conversations over 36 minutes in total, with 28 questions needing completion.

Writing Section: The independent writing task is replaced by a new task called ‘Writing for an Academic Discussion,’ which allocates 10 minutes for completion. The integrated writing task remains unchanged.

Speaking Section: There are no changes to this section.

Streamlined Instructions And Navigation

When taking the test, students will now find clearer, more simplified guidelines to follow.

This allows test-takers to spend less time puzzling over directions and more time demonstrating their true English abilities.

The goal is to improve the overall user experience by reducing the chance of getting stuck on bureaucratic instructions.

Removal Of Unscored Test Questions

Previously, the TOEFL included some unscored questions alongside ones that counted toward test-takers’ results.

Going forward, unscored questions have been removed entirely. Now, every question contributes to the final score.

With no “throwaway” questions, students can feel that every minute invested is worthwhile.

Enhanced Registration Process And Score Transparency

Registering for the test will now feature a more intuitive, efficient flow.

Additionally, an upgrade towards transparency involves allowing students to view official score release dates immediately after completing the exam.

This insight into when they can expect scores reduces potential stress.

Final Thoughts

These TOEFL revisions aim to streamline exam-taking, direct focus onto content rather than process, and give test-takers more visibility into scoring.

Students prepping for the test would benefit from both familiarizing themselves with the changes and consulting overseas education experts.

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