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Postdoc in USA

More research students, after completing their PhD, are opting for postdoc to pursue a career in academics. A lot of international students stay back in the USA for postdoc positions, which usually takes anywhere between two and three years. Some students may choose to do more than one postdoc before settling for any faculty position.

A postdoc isa temporary position that provides PhD students to continue their training as a researcher. It helps them gain more skill, expertise, and experience. A lot of students choose postdoc positions at the university, while these positions are also available in industry and government, as well as at non-profits.

Generous Budget, Good Opportunities

Doing postdoc in the US for international students is a whole different experience. A country that prioritizes research work, universities or labs here don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to financing the research. Whether the institute has its own specified projects or you have your own set of interests that you want to pursue, you will find plenty of opportunities and a generous budget to move forward.

Hard Work and Pressure

However, while as exciting as doing research could be with fewer financial limitations and a large pool of opportunities, postdoc position also demands hard work. A lot of time you may be under pressure. Working under a mentor, you may have to work long hours at times. At the same time, you may also be required to mentor young researchers, which can be tedious.

To that, while postdocs are salaried employees, don’t expect a big income that affords you a luxurious life.You won’t earn “a lot” – not at least for now. Once past this, when employed as a faculty member at the university or at any other position in a company, you can then enjoy good and sustainable returns.

The Life Ahead

If you completed your graduate and/or PhD right in the US, you won’t have much trouble accommodating to the postdoc positions. Provided you have found the right mentor and are researching a subject that interests you, you will have a great rewarding overall.

You’re already well acclimatize with the American way; so, things would be much smoother. However, if you’re coming to the USA for the first time for postdoc, you may experience some common first-timers’ problems, like climate change, cultural shock, food, and more.

In any case, after completing your postdoc – which has no time limit in the USA but,as mentioned earlier, can take anywhere around 2-3 years – you will discover multiple pathways in your career. You can choose to teach students, carry on with the research work, opt for various academic on non-academic positions, and take different corporate jobs.

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