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If you have graduated from any of the top American universities, you would automatically be positioned for great career opportunities. But then getting there is a big challenge in itself.

Even if you’re good academically and have sufficient financial backing to support your college education, finding a spot in a reputed university is far from easy. That’s because admission committees at universities look for more than just your grades. One of the reasons why and how globally renowned institutes in the US have maintained their repute and brand value is they are welcoming only to the most promising students. So, if you want admission, you need to be one of those “promising students”. This is where profile building comes into play.

You’re More Than Your Grades

This may sound almost a cliche but many universities in the US treat it seriously for undergraduate programs. They look for various other indicators when assessing applicants and determining their candidacy for admission. This is the reason why profile-building programs and exercises have become so popular and prevalent in recent times. These programs help students improve their profile by adding more qualifications, skills, and USPs in different ways. For instance, getting involved in community service and undertaking social projects document students’ willing attitude, leadership, goals, and interests. This makes them more appealing and out-standing for the admission committees. This is why many profile-building programs now include community service.

Getting Admission to a “Top” University

The better your profile is, the higher will be the chances of your admission to a top university. And “top” is a keyword here. You can get admission to “any” university for an undergraduate program relatively easily. But if you want better career prospects and more rewarding college life, you ideally want to go for the top institutes. And they only consider applicants with a solid profile that’s much more than just about grades. USA offers flexibility of choosing major and minor courses which can further be altered in the 2nd and 3rd year. A strong profile can get you into a renowned university for a desired undergraduate course. It can also unlock plenty of scholarship opportunities for you.

So, when planning to pursue higher education in the US, students must start focusing on profile building from the first day; Building a strong portfolio would take months and even years; so, the earlier you start, the better. Your efforts in profile building can significantly impact not just your immediate future (like which college you can get admission to) but also your long-term prospects (like your salary package). If you need more information or require help in profile-building, connect with Frame Learning, one of the leading overseas education consultants. Talk to our experts, tap on our profile-building programs, and take confident strides to get admission to any of the world-renowned universities in the USA.

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