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Different universities have their own GRE score criteria. So, unlike other tests, with Graduate Record Examinations, there’s no such thing as a pass or fail.

Moreover, a score that might besufficient to get you in one college may fall short when considering the other institutes.

In that, to an extent, “scored poorly in GRE” is subjective – depending on the university you’re applying to and the program you’re opting for.

Understanding The Numbers

But that said, of course, a score of 132 isn’t good and 169 is excellent.

Also, if a score fails to meet the desired college’s minimum requirement, it’s definitely bad.

If a college demands a minimum GRE quant percentile of 43 and you got 47 – while your score is far from the best, it still gets the job done for you; meaning, you wouldn’t need to take the test again even if you think you can score 160.

Retaking The Test

Now if you have indeed scored low that bars you from applying to select colleges, you would want to retake GRE. Fortunately, you can sit for the test after 21 days for up to five times within a continuous rolling 12-month period.

However, before you rush to register for the test again and sit for it in three weeks, it’s essential to understand what went wrong in the first attempt and how you can truly ace this time.

Furthermore, you also want to consult abroad education experts before that.Owing to their experience, expertise, and resources, they might still be able to get you in a nice university with whatever score you have got; they can find you a college that matches your profile and ambitions, and assist you through the admission process, as well as with passport and visa application. In addition, were you to retake GRE, they can help you in preparation as well; more on this later though.

Taking The Right Steps

Many students end up disheartened and demotivated if their GRE score fails at their expectations and minimum requirement of the college. Thereon, some of them completely change their career lane, others dash through to retake the exam as soon as possible.

The first step in the process is to get hold of yourself. Don’t get carried away in the emotions. The key is to act analytically than emotionally.

To really upgrade your score in the next attempt, a host of questions need to be understood and realized. How much did you score? How much the college demands you to? By how many points did you fall short? Why did you score less?

Addressing these questions will provide you with insights that will help you prepare better for your next attempt at GRE.

Preparing Properly This Time

Coming to the preparation part, how one prepares for the next GRE varies between students. After all, they have their own needs, requirements, and aptitude. So, there’s no golden rule to this.

An important thing to note here, however, is to allot yourself enough time; enough time to work harder in the preparation. Instead of doing it yourself, consider joining a GRE best coaching center this time. If you were getting help from a teacher or coaching center already, find a better one this time.

There are a few good and experienced online study abroad services providers out there that offer GRE courses. Find them, tap on their resources and study materials, and prepare right this time.Not just that… These services providers can even further help you with the admission process, as well as with other ends of abroad education – right FROM finding you a good college TO assisting you with finances TO taking care of your Student Visa application.

You Will Do Better This Time

Adequate hard work – and smart preparation to fill the gaps that existed in the first attempt – will position you to score so much better in GRE this time.

Remember, many students go through the same route. They have to retake the test multiple times – GRE or other entrance tests – before they score per the requirement.

So, don’t worry if you scored less in your GRE.

There’s always another chance. In this case, you have five more in the next 365 days.

And then if you have a reliable study abroad consultant by your side, it further opens you to a plethora of opportunities to pursue higher education in the world’s finest colleges.

Audio Version:- Scored Poorly in GRE: What Now?

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