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Experts for MIM/MBA programme

Experts for MIM/MBA programme

What is an MIM programme?

A Master in Management, or MIM, is a postgraduate programme that provides advanced general management knowledge for Business Bachelor’s graduates, whether they have studied Business before or not.

Masters in Management provides introductory knowledge on Entrepreneurship and Leadership Skill.

Advantages of doing a MIM programme:-

Admission to MIM Programme does not require any Job experience

MIM programme doesn’t require any work experience, it is a management programme for fresher graduates with zero work experience or 1 year of work experience. Business degrees such as MBA degree require some initial work experience between 3 to 5 years for admission. Typically someone who is already in a Leadership or Team Management role takes up an MBA, whereas MIM programme develops leadership and managerial skills for a great career start and assists graduates in finding a good job in an increasingly demanding market.

Less Expensive

A MIM degree costs less than an MBA degree. In many schools its half the cost of MBA degree. An MBA degree is for those who are enhancing their current career hence have the fund to pay for the tuition cost wherein a MIM is for freshers who will pursue immediately or tentatively within 1 or 2 years of job.

Flexibility of taking the GMAT test preparation

Taking GMAT is not mandatory for MIM admission. Australia, UK and most countries in Europe does not need a GMAT for admission. This is an advantage for students who does not want to take up a GMAT test.

High Acceptance in Business world

MIM is gradually gaining popularity and accepted in the business world. MIM aspirants can look forward to becoming managers and leaders in their respective domains as the study mainly focuses on analytical skills.

Great Combination between Theory and Practical

Originally the course is designed to provide in-depth theoretical knowledge and a versatile learning environment. In addition to that you can choose from a high range of compelling electives like Digital Transformation, Economics and Global Environment, Financial Markets etc. Many business schools are adding practical knowledge enhancement in the form of internship, practical classes to make aspirants job ready and meet the need of the global market.

Popular destination for MIM Programme

European countries heads top in MIM programme. Europe hosts a wide range of countries offering affordable management programs and post study work right.

Some of the popular destination gaining popularity among International students are France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Portugal etc. Some of the business schools are triple accredited by AMBA, AQUIS and AACSB while some of them charts top in Financial Times ranking.

Career after doing MIM Programme

Students can choose from a wide range of careers like Project Manager, Logistic Manager, Marketing Manager, General Operation Manager etc.

Companies like Mckinsey in consulting, KPMG, Loreal are preferring MIM graduates for their multi-disciplinary skill.

TOP Schools for MIM Programme:

1. HEC Paris
2. London Business School
3. Imperial
4. IE Business School

Ask Frame Learning…..
Q1. What are the things I should consider before choosing a country for MBA or MIM?

Consider the following –
• Curriculum and relevance of the course with your subject interest
• Budget
• Post study work right
• Job opportunity

Q2. Which country is best for MIM or MBA program?

UK, France, Germany, Australia