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We are experts in PHD applications and getting full funding

We are experts in PHD applications and getting full funding

Experts in PHD Application For 100% Tuition Waiver and Fellowship

We do best in PHD application and getting full funds.

Our Mentors are doctorates from Foreign University and knows the exact process to help you getting full fund for your research.

We shall work in perfect timeline to draft a notable admission profile after discussing student’s interest and aspiration to take up research abroad in a reputed university. The entire flow chart will follow extensive research, planning and execution, but if done well, the application will be worthy of receiving fund from a good university.

Receiving grants from a foreign university comes with a whole new process starting from networking and ending with application, admission followed by visa approval. At Frame Learning we help research students to set clear career objective and future goal to craft a perfect application in a pre-defined timeline.

Following are the requirements and steps we follow for PHD applications:


Academic Score – Academic score in Bachelors and Masters plays significant weightage for research applicants. A good GPA or percentage will help student to secure fund much easily than anything else. This is by far the most critical criteria considered for grants.

Thesis– The purpose of a thesis is to allow students to showcase their knowledge and expertise within the subject matter they have been studying as part of the program. A thesis in master program is desired for the ones applying for PHD.

Outside Curriculum Projects: The aim of the project is to test independent research skills that the student has acquired during their time at the university. This is a mandatory requirement for PHD applicants to showcase research goals. If a student has outside lab project exposure that acts as a huge advantage to securing funds.

Publishing Journal/Articles – Although publishing journal or article is not mandatory but it definitely adds up to research skill and exposure. If the journal published is peer reviewed then definitely it appears as a standout journal. Also the measure of journal quality is a critical point of consideration. The higher the Impact Factor, the more important and prestigious the journal within its particular field.

Internship – Working in a real work environment will bring in new realm of research and career possibilities. Internship in the subject of research will bring in practical implementation of the skill acquired. The tenure of internship can vary between 6 months to 2 years. The higher the tenure the better it is.

Conference – Attending a conference means that you can meet more advanced researchers, as well as established senior professionals and scholars. Listening to talks and presentations can open up new ways of thinking about a specific topic or even give you a new idea, one that you had previously not though about.

GRE and ELP score: If you are applying to the US then GRE is required for STEM courses. The score requirements varies from courses and universities which can be determined while networking

IELTS or TOEFL score is required for showcasing English Proficiency.


Profiling – Mentor will share resume format and will ask for other academic docs for sending the profile. This includes detail discussion on your research work.

University short listing –Based on destination, research topic and Intake, our Mentor will share 40 to 50 university lists sharing names and research work of 100 professors.

Networking – We support you to draft mailers in specific formats to connect with guides and professors from the shortlists given. This is the most important and crucial step of application. Through networking students get to know which department and university has allocated fund for the given intake.

University Finalisation – Based on the responses from networking, Mentor will choose 8 to 10 university for final application

SOP Formats and  Edits – Most critical stage in the entire process. Mentor will help in editing the Statement of Purpose with the right number of words which brings out why are you choosing a particular university and professor to pursue doctoral program.

LOR Formats and Edits– Mentor will share who you should you  approach for Letter of Recommendation based on your profile and the format for the same.

Application to University – Mentor will help to review and apply to the universities selected.

Interview preparation – Interview with the guide is a critical process. Mentor will prepare you for the interview based on your research and the applicable question to be asked to your guide.

Visa Counselling – Mentor will help you for visa process and answers to questions for visa interview.

Pre Departure Workshop – Mentor will have a separate session for your readiness before you fly.

Please note this is quite an elaborate process , more the student allots  time the better are the chances to get the best fit university for the student. Once the student enrols with Frame Learning for this process, our Mentor will work hand in hand  to support you to reach your Dream University with full tuition waiver and stipend.

Discuss your Profile with our academic advisor……