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We are Specialised in USA Bachelor applications and receiving High Scholarship

We are Specialised in USA Bachelor applications and receiving High Scholarship

At Frame Learning, we nurture our students from the very beginning which starts with decision making and ends with getting into their dream university.

We follow the following steps for the entire admission process:

Career Goal– This is the first and one of the most critical step in the entire process. In this step we will discuss in detail the long- and short-term goals based on the subject chosen. A perfect road map is designed to showcase and build students skill and knowledge for the application to stand out. This step adds in clarity and more determination in the student and helps students to make a clear informed decision about the subject and prospect in future. This is the reason why this step is important. While making a decision for admission, the admission officer looks in at two things, whether the student is really interested in the subject , whether the student has the right attitude, skill and ability to pursue the subject or whether the student will be successful in life if the subject is pursued. Therefore, extensive research and discussion is required in the first step.

Profiling– Once the career goal is determined it is critical to showcase the same in application. It is critical for a student to showcase validated data and practical implementation of skills and knowledge apart from academic score and ranks to get into a reputed university. Profiling has two variations-Academic and Additional Course work 

Academic- This pertains to the score or grades that the student has acquired from school in standard 9, 10, 11 and predicted score of class 12.Added to this will be SAT/ACT IELTS/TOEFL score and AP  score. We look in at the scores of each subject from class 9 onwards. There is a scope of improvement in score if the student chooses to take up SAT test and starts preparing one year in advance from the date of the exam fixed. We also explain the target score and grades that a student should aim depending on the category of university he/she is choosing to go to.

Additional Course Work: This remains to be the deciding factor of a student’s admission in a given university. Additional coursework helps universities to identify the overall potential of the student and how prospective is the student to get admission. We identify the gap areas in the student’s profile and suggest them with additional course work which will help them to fill in the gaps and improve the profile. Remember, at an undergraduate level university wants to understand what contribution will a student have towards community. Hence, showcasing an overall good portfolio is important.

The following are the additional course work:

Extra-curricular Activity: Apart from academics students should take up extra-curricular activities like dance, music, sports, drama, extempore, debates, MUNs, art etc. The university is willing to check the overall potential of the student apart from academics that adds in skill development.

Community Work: This is crucial. Universities abroad believe in creating and building the future generation who should help in uplifting the society. They believe that youth should determine the future of any nation and hence showing that a potential candidate is sensitive towards contributing to the development of society is important.

Awards and Recognition: This includes any certificate, award or recognition that a student may have received for any activity. This definitely adds value to the profile.

Leadership Quality: Universities are looking for future leaders in the application. Students can showcase leadership quality by showing their active role in taking up responsibility without hesitation, organising any school or related event, lead in a debate, leader in a sports team or any activity.

Internships/Projects: Additional internship or project on any field or subject of interest can help in adding in the profile. Project could be on campus or outside campus as well.

Summer Training/Online course- Universities also emphasise what the student has done during summer vacation. Additional online courses will definitely add to the profile.

Workshop/Conference– Additional workshops and conferences will add up to the profile.

Linguistic Skill- The university would like to know if the student can communicate in one or more language. This will help the students to add diversity in their profile and also explore the culture. Therefore if the student knows one or more additional language that will work in favour.


University Shortlisting– Considering all the above scenarios we help in preliminary shortlisting of universities. Here eligibility criteria and destination selection based on profile is considered.

LOR Format and Recommendation– LOR format and who to get the recommendation from is discussed at this stage. A good and personalised recommendation letter will add in the chances on admission.

Resume Format– Resume format is shared based on the short listing of universities

Statement of Purpose– One of the most critical step is writing the statement of purpose. Here students are encouraged to showcase their aspiration of choosing a particular subject plus his/her long-term goal and plan for future with the subject and his knowledge and experience with the topic. This is more of sharing the ambition of the student in a given format. This is more like a story and this is a great opportunity for the student to impress the decision maker.

Scholarship Discussion: Most student aspire to get scholarship from universities. At this stage based on the type of scholarship and whether all the students are eligible for scholarship is discussed. Complete assistance about scholarship is done at this stage.

Final University Selection- the background of the university and what are the pointers a student should consider while considering a university is discussed here.

Interview Preparation: Some universities prefer to get in one on one conversations before making a final decision. Universities judges the student’s competency on the subject and long-term plan in the interview, therefore a detail discussion and mock interview is conducted for readiness.

Final Documentation and Application: Documentation plays an important role in showcasing student’s profile. All necessary documentation and application guidelines are taken in to consideration and application to universities is done in this stage.

Visa/Financial Documentation and Counselling– After receiving the i20/offer letter Visa and financial documentation is filed at this stage. A Mock interview for visa is conducted for students to know what to say at the time of Visa documentation.

Pre -Departure Workshop– Hurray!!! Finally in the last stage of becoming the next International Student we discuss with the student accommodation, insurance required and our alumna’s who can help while the student goes to a particular university.

Mentioned below is the Application Process in crux:


2.University Short Listing( Minimum 15-20 university list is shared based on the destination chosen, profile and score)

3.SOP  format and edits(each SOP 3 times edits per university)

4.Sharing resume and LOR formats


6.University Finalisation( Finalisation of 8 to 10 university for final application)

7.Scholarship discussion if scholarships applicable for profile (Both need based and merit based)

8.Application to University

9.Interview Preparation if required

10.Visa documentation, educational documentation and visa mock interview counselling

11.Pre departure workshop(understanding travel requirements and insurances required)

Note: The first cut short listed University is divided into DREAM, REACH and SAFE

DREAM- Universities coming under DREAM option, chances of admission is about 30% based on your profile and acceptance rate.

REACH- Universities coming under REACH option, chances of admission is about 50% based on your profile and acceptance rate.

SAFE- Universities coming under SAFE option, chances of admission is about 95% based on your profile and acceptance rate.
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