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The pandemic has affected not just the educational process but also the entire ecosystem. The conversation has now moved past FROM which universities abroad have adopted the test-optional policy TO whether standardized tests like SAT and ACT should even be a part of the college admission process.

The universities in the U.S. have been debating for some time whether SAT scores should be considered, among other factors, as an admission criteria. “We are also well aware of the multiple shortcomings of the tests. Even before the pandemic, we had been considering whether the positive aspects of the SAT and ACT outweigh the negatives,” said the dean at the University of Southern California.

Can’t Give SAT?

Due the pandemic and the lockdowns, SAT tests have continued to be cancelled at different centers. And those centers that are functioning, they are at a significant less capacity owing to the social distancing protocols. This has resulted in many students not being able to take the test. In response, to accommodate this, about 1,500 universities have temporarily moved to a test-optional policy wherein the students don’t have to mandatorily produce their SAT scores. They can apply for the admission even without the test.

“If a student applies without tests, they get full consideration. If they apply with tests, they get full consideration,” said the dean of admissions at Stanford University, Richard Shaw. So, international students who can’t sit for SAT due to various reasons induced by the coronavirus in their city, state or country, they don’t need the SAT score. They can apply to the university in the U.S. without it. Their application would be judged based on several factors, including, most importantly, their essay.

Check the Updates from the University You’re Applying to

It’s worth noting though that at this time uncertainty, different universities have adopted different policies. So, it’s important to look at the guidelines of the individual universities that you’re planning to apply. Get aware of how their admission process has changed due to COVID-19 – and what international students now need to do. Read their instructions carefully and apply for admission accordingly. If you’re asked for SAT score – or score of any standardized test – check out their respective official websites for updates. With the pandemic still raging in the large part of the world, exams/tests are getting cancelled frequently. Even if you’re registered to appear for SAT, the testmay get canceled in the last moment; so keep up with the latest updates.

For assistance, consider getting help from overseas education consultants. In these times when there are so many confusions, planning to study abroad can be a complex process. Getting help from experts will ensure you’re on the right track.

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