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Study In London Business School Eligibility, Entrance Exam, Fees, More

Earning an MBA from the esteemed London Business School (LBS) is a coveted dream for many Indian students. 

Ranked as one of the top business institutes in the world, the school promises a potentially life-changing educational experience in London’s vibrant center. 

Why Study In London Business School?

Studying in London Business School delivers an unrivaled learning environment, which explains its consistent top 10 global placement. 

Here, you are assured of a world-class business education, sharpened by peer learning with students coming from 100+ different countries. 

LBS’s location offers proximity to London’s thriving corporate hub, which offers exceptional networking opportunities and career prospects. 

The flexible course structure allows you to customize your MBA across 15, 18, or 21 months through varied electives. 

As an alum, you gain membership to a strong global network, with many alums leading global corporations.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

To study in London, UK, at LBS, you need an undergraduate degree or equivalent from an accredited university, preferably with a 3.3+ GPA. 

At least two years of full-time work experience is essential, with the average applicant having five years. 

Submitting valid GMAT/GRE/GMAT Focus scores is compulsory. While no strict cutoff exists, 600+ on GMAT is recommended, with the average score being 700. 

Non-native English speakers require TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores.

With a highly selective ~20% acceptance rate, London Business School carefully evaluates applications considering academics, work experience, exams, essays, and interviews. 

Entrance Exams and Application Process

Applying to London Business School involves several steps.

First, you’ll complete the online application, providing personal/academic details, work history, and other key information. 

The essays allow you to highlight your motivations, ambitions, and fit. (So, allocate ample time for thoughtful responses showcasing your uniqueness.) 

If you haven’t taken exams like GMAT/GRE/GMAT Focus, schedule these ahead of deadlines to submit scores promptly. 

You’ll need two professional references to endorse your abilities, achievements, and potential. 

If shortlisted, you should expect an interview with an admissions rep or alum, either in-person or online. 

Finally, pay the non-refundable £200 (approx. INR 21,080) application fee. 

London Business School Fees and Scholarships

Pursuing an MBA at London Business School requires capital, with 2024 fees being £115,000 for the 15-21 month program. 

However, LBS provides scholarships that ease the costs for Indian students. 

The Sari Foundation Trust offers partial funding to talented Indian students based on academics and leadership. 

Indian women graduates with outstanding records can apply for the Lady Meherbai D. Tata Scholarship. 

The Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Fund provides full/partial tuition coverage for exceptional female applicants. 

So, explore relevant scholarships for financial aid.

Application Deadlines and Timeline

London Business School follows clear deadlines across admission rounds. 

For the MBA 2026 intake beginning August 2024, formal deadlines have passed. However, London Business School accepts late applications case-by-case, especially UK-based applicants with no visa needs.

If you plan to apply for August 2025 enrollment, applications open in August 2024. 

Meanwhile, start preparing:

  • Take GMAT/GREs
  • Notify professional references
  • Start drafting essays

Tips for a Strong LBS Application

To study in London Business School, follow these tips to make your application stand out:

  • Start early to give yourself sufficient time to prepare a strong application
  • Highlight your unique strengths, experiences, and perspectives that would contribute to the diverse LBS community
  • Show your fit with LBS by researching the school thoroughly and articulating how it aligns with your goals and values
  • Be authentic in your essays and interviews
  • Get expert help from UK Education Consultants in Kolkata with your admission and scholarship application

Final Thoughts

Getting admission to London Business School is a big opportunity to transform your career by joining an elite global network of business trailblazers. 

Understand the eligibility, exams, costs, scholarships, and application nuances to strategize your LBS journey. 

While admission to study MBA in UK is highly competitive, proper planning, tireless effort, and a compelling application can help you realize your dreams.

If you have more questions, get in touch with our overseas education consultants in Kolkata at Frame Learning.

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