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India has the largest expatriate population in the world. Nepal, the USA, and Saudi Arabia have the highest number of NRIs, followed by Malaysia, UAE, UK, South Africa, Canada, Myanmar, and Mauritius.

While all these countries are great, are they also fitting for ambitious individuals who want better career opportunities, desired personal growth, and good quality of life?

The answer is: Not necessarily!

The mentioned countries are “popular”, but they aren’t the best ones. In addition to some of these, there are several other nations that are an excellent choice to migrate to for a flourishing career and better life.

Here are five top countries to settle abroad:

1. Australia

Australia packs opportunities in abundance for the right individuals. The country headquarters some of the world’s leading brands and multinational corporations. It touts a flourishing economy, good quality of life, and excellent transportation. For a chilled-out life with the great weather conditions and friendly people around, Australia is a great option.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand is largely an overlooked option. However, it has gained good traction in recent times among Indians looking to settle abroad. One of the world’s most beautiful countries with a very low crime rate and high standard of life, New Zealand is a fitting choice for just about anyone. However, getting an NZ visa can be a big challenge.

3. Germany

Germany has its own charm with massive historical and cultural relevance on the global map. It has also been a go-to destination for thousands of Indian students owing to affordable higher education and world-class universities. The country, with one of the world’s highest GDP, compliments every type of dream and career aspiration. Whether you’re a doctor or an entrepreneur, Germany has something for everyone.

4. Canada

There’s a reason why Canada is one of the most popular countries among NRIs. If you want to settle abroad, Canada can’t do you wrong. From scenic beauty to friendliest people to superior infrastructure, the North American country checks all the right boxes. To that, irrespective of your career stream, Canada promises the right opportunities on the back of a thriving economy that’s built on meritocracy.

5. Ireland

Ireland is one of the emerging countries on this list that has become a good option lately. Attracting especially the younger crowd thanks to its growing economy, friendly population, and relaxed lifestyle, Ireland has many ‘pros’ and very few ‘cons’. The country is also a headquarter to many big brands, ensuring enough opportunities for deserving candidates.

Final Words

These are some of the top countries to settle abroad. Of course, there are several other options as well, right from Denmark to Singapore. These countries have a better infrastructure with superior healthcare and transportation. They all promise the enhanced quality of life and fulfilling career growth.

So, if you’re planning to migrate to a different country, consider the mentioned options. Similarly, if you want to study abroad, you can consider the same options. These countries also have high-renowned universities. Post-graduation, you can get a job locally and settle there under the right visa category. If you need any help with the planning, contact overseas education consultants and seek their advice and assistance.

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