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Studying abroad always had its appeal among Indian students. But does that charm still hold? Are there good undergraduate prospects in the US, the UK, and Canada? Or is every just a hype – especially today when the world slowly recovers from the pandemic?

Undergraduate prospects in the USA

Once you have completed undergraduate studies in the US, you will find ample opportunities irrespective of the field you have chosen. Many international students complete their undergraduate degrees and then go on to pursue a master’s degree in a field that they desire to specialize in.

Undergraduate prospects in the UK

The UK has a recent history when it comes to offering undergraduate courses. It is a highly preferred study destination for international students. A lot of students, after finishing their undergraduate studies, choose to continue with their higher studies. Many of them go the Ph.D. route. The universities in the UK offer great research opportunities in a wide range of subjects.

Undergraduate prospects in Canada

Canadian universities offer a range of undergraduate degrees, diplomas, and certificates focusing on different fields such as humanities, arts, sciences, business management, etc. There are also some universities that provide additional specializations like Pathways or Bridging Programs. Post completion of the undergraduate program, many international students get a job. A lot of them even opt to stay back and acquire Canada’s permanent residency.

Irrespective of the country you choose to pursue your undergraduate studies in, here are some of the things you can do after graduation:

1. Get a job

The most common option for undergraduates is to get a job. Some students start working even during their final year of study and continue after graduation. The worry a new graduate faces is the lack of experience, but many companies hire fresh graduates and train them on the job. This option is particularly attractive if you get a good salary and want to get hands-on work experience.

2. Get admission to a graduate school

If you have completed your degree from a reputed university, you can apply for graduate school in the same country. This will give you an opportunity to delve deeper into your area of interest and become an expert before entering the job market.

3. Choose a master’s in another country

The US, UK, and Canada are known for their master’s programs. But there are other countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, and Australia that are also popular destinations for graduate studies. You can make use of your experience gained in undergraduate studies in other countries.

4. Return to home country

There are many reasons why students may choose to return to their home country after under-graduation abroad. It could be because of family commitment. Or they may have found a good job opportunity. Or they simply have no plan or interest in staying back in a foreign country.


The prospects for international students after getting an undergraduate degree in the US, the UK, and Canada are infinite. You essentially stand at the crossroad of great opportunities ahead. If you have the right career plan in play, the sky is truly the limit.

If you need help or assistance in deciding what you can do after doing undergraduate abroad, consult overseas education consultants. Talk to them and seek their counseling to navigate your career in the right direction.

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