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study abroad in top Ivy League universities

10 years after starting, the median annual earnings of an Ivy League graduate is $70,000. For students who graduated from other schools, this number is $34,000. This stark difference in income (and career prospects) highlights the appeal of the Ivy League universities.

So, it makes sense why you want to get admission to such top universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and more. Many students are in the same boat.

But that said, just because you “want to” doesn’t mean you will. Getting into any of the Ivy League universities is extremely difficult. Thousands and thousands of students apply for a very limited spot. Moreover, the admission committees at these universities are very particular and demanding in the context of what type of students they want.

An All-Round Student Profile

Unsurprisingly, Ivy League universities want the best students from across the fall. They prefer students with an established profile that records not just academic excellence but also all-around personality with strong emotional intelligence.

If you’re aiming for a spot at any one of these top schools, you need to have one such profile that checks all the right boxes and maps to their expectations. Foremost, you need good grades. While they don’t say they won’t accept students with low grades, the chances of this are incredibly slim, unless you have excelled at something else. In addition, you would also require stellar test scores, whether you’re taking SAT, IELTS, GMAT, or any other standardized tests. So, as the first line of requirement, your student should shine bright with good grades and test scores.

Thereon, you would need to show examples aka demonstrate your EQ, experience, and overall worth. For instance, if you have played any sports at the country level, you’re more likely to be considered for admission than someone who is just clinging to grades. Your previous experience of community service, business initiatives, or anything that underlines your leadership skills can add to your profile, ensuring it stands out in front of the admission committee.

Take Hands of Frame Learning for Profile Building

Building such a student profile that positions you to get admission to an Ivy League university is a challenge. More importantly, it takes time and the right guidance. At Frame Learning, we offer several Profile Building programs. These are created uniquely to help students prepare to get admission to the finest colleges abroad.

Our Profile Building programs include everything FROM preparing you for SATs TO teaching how to write effective personal statement, body language improvement TO English speaking, and community service TO portfolio building on social media. So, if you’re planning to study abroad in an Ivy League university, enroll in our Profile Building program and build a striking profile that impresses the admission committee.

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