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Every year the number of International student in USA is increasing more and more. More than 15,00,000 students are choosing to take up higher education to broaden their education, horizon and life experience.

Ivy League Universities are dream for most students but what makes you an ideal Ivy League profile.My experience over years says that it goes far beyond than just a good score.

What is an Ivy League University?

Ivy League Universities in US began as an association of eight highly competitive athletic colleges namely:

  • Harvard University(Massachusetts)
  • Princeton University(New Jersey)
  • Yale University (Connecticut)
  • Columbia University(New York)
  • Brown University(Rhode Island)
  • Dartmouth College(New Hampshire)
  • University of Pennsylvania(Pennsylvania)
  • Cornell University(New York)

As their athletic team gained more popularity and attracted more and more funds, the standards for student performance became more demanding.

Ivy like Schools:

There are universities which are not Ivy League but as competitive and renowned as Ivy Leagues:

  1. Stanford University
  2. MIT
  3. Duke University
  4. John Hopkins
  5. UCLA
What gets you through these universities:

Go Outdoor:

American universities smile upon students who has love for nature and outdoor sports and I completely agree to this. Last November on my way to Himachal I met a father and his 17year old son from Delhi who has recently taken up mountaineering and trekking, on asking why such love for mountains, father replies his son wants to go to Princeton University and hence adding up on profile.

If you are footballer, cricketer, basketball player, tennis player, swimmer, dancer, musician, painter, mountaineer, or any other sport or creativity, make sure you have your achievements recorded or showcased. This has a huge boost on your profile as universities are interested in seeing you as an all rounder than just good in academics.

Attend Vocational Training or Summer Programs:

Going for summer programs in a foreign university could be really expensive but worth it. Over the years with a huge boost on Student Exchange program countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Germany has taken it seriously and promotes and welcomes student to experience their education system and culture. Once you take up such program universities looks at your profile differently and understands that becoming an international student was your long term goal and your acceptance becomes higher.

Take up an Internship:

If you can take up an internship in a funky start up or a renowned name like google or face book go for it. Internship does not really mean you are doing a lot of work but the “attitude” that you took an internship program matters. Whether you get paid or not take up an internship and don’t forget to get a certification or recommendation. Take this as a decorative material in your resume. It looks good on paper.

Be Socially Responsible or take part in a Social Cause:

Being a responsible citizen and having a strong humanitarian nature is one of the most important pointer that the universities are looking for in your profile.Supporting a social cause like old age home, education for below the poverty line, environmental issues, natural calamity etc are one of the top reasons why you should be chosen by top universities. Universities wants to see in your profile what impact you have on society and how much are you willing to change them.Definitely don’t forget to showcase them.

If you are an Ivy League or top league university aspirant, share your profile and help us to build your profile.


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