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You scored great in your 12th exam. Encouraged, you applied to several universities in the US, hoping to pursue higher education abroad.

While as exciting as that move is, here’s a thing: American universities don’t necessarily obsess over applicants’ grades; not at least the top universities. Instead, the approach of the admission committees there is rather holistic, caring just as much about other factors as the grades. So, having a good academic background alone isn’t sufficient. You need to ace even in other verticals as well to stand a chance to get admission to a top university in the US for any undergraduate program.

Here are some of the things American universities look for in the Bachelor’s admission applications:

  • Volunteer and work experience: You’re young so you may not have the work experience. But you can have experience of volunteering at different NGOs. And you should have this experience because admission committees look for it. This experience highlights your sociability and leadership skills; it also underlines your passion and interest. So, if you don’t have any volunteering experience, you want to add that to your profile.
  • Test scores: This is agnostic to your exam results in school. To get admission to a university in the US, you may have to take several standardized tests like SAT, IELTS, and GMAT. Scoring well in these tests can be tricky because they aren’t focused on theories and neither do they care about how much information you can memorize. They test you on a more holistic level, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in their scores. So, if you fail to score sufficiently in these tests, it’s going to be difficult to get admission to a top institute.
  • Extracurricular activities: The kind of extracurricular activities you like or partake in can reveal a lot about your interests and personality. This helps admission committees understand you better. This, in addition to your college essay, you can provide them all the insights they need to figure if you’re the right fit for them. So, for the starters, don’t be one of those applicants whose admission application shows disinterest in extracurricular activities. Second, if you have taken part in several such activities, highlight those that are relevant to the Bachelor’s program you’re applying for.

These are three things, among several, that universities in the US look for in Bachelor’s admission applications.

So, consider these factors and plan your admission process accordingly to maximize your chances of getting admission. For help, connect with overseas education consultants. At Frame Learning, we have dedicated profile-building programs for students wanting to study abroad. These programs aim at building their profile and positioning their applications strongly in front of the admission committees at top colleges in the US. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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