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benefits of studying abroad

There’s a reason why lakhs of Indian students apply to study abroad!It has numerous benefits. Some are financial rewards, others are quite intrinsic.

For the starters, it is no secret that graduates with foreign degrees enjoy a much better career prospect with a relatively higher salary. In fact, as their career progresses, they enjoy 35-40 percent higher salary and faster promotions vs. Indian graduates.

For example, the average annual placement package of IIM Bangalore is INR 24.45 lakh. On the other hand, the median base salary of MIT Sloan’s MBA graduates is over INR 1 crore.

So, if you’re really looking to make more money in your career, studying abroad in a good college can bring you an abundance of financial returns.

Here’s How the Picture Looks

But these numbers shouldn’t be looked at alone. Things get even more interesting when you look at the cost of studying abroad vs. studying in any good Indian college.

In a rough estimation, MBA in the USA costs INR 40 lakh, whereas MBA in the Indian School of Businesses costs anywhere between INR 30-35 lakh. So, as you can see, there’s only a small difference in the cost here.

To that, when it comes to studying abroad, there are also countless scholarship opportunities and avenues to lower the final cost of education.

So, you can actually bring down the total amount you pay in a college abroadin various ways, which can then end up being equal or much less to what Indian colleges are charging.

Meaning, despite charging exorbitantly, many top and expensive colleges in India remain way behind when it comes to ROI that universities in the USA deliver.

It Isn’t Just About Monetary Returns

Studying abroad also promise a higher return on investment in various capacities. For instance, exposure to international academia, cultures, education system has plenty of positive impressions.

You live in a different country, which shapes your personality. You develop more confidence; you groom into an individual that companies want to employ.

At the same time, you also develop a network of students and teachers, which you can tap on to unlock better opportunities.

And then, of course, the quality of life…

Living in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia certainly promise you a better quality of life. You enjoy your stay with culturally-diverse friends, visiting new places, tasting new cuisines, partaking in various fun activities.

Want All These Benefits?

Take strides to study abroad. Build for yourself a better career and life.

Thankfully, the process of planning and preparing for overseas education isn’t as complex as it once was. Hand in hand with experienced consultants, you can get admission in one of the best universities for study in abroad, enroll in good study abroad programs that match your interest and assure higher returns.

So, get in touch with a reliable overseas education consultant. Tap on their end-to-end solutions and get assistance with everything – right FROM finding the right college and program TO acing in tests like GRE, SAT, and IELTs TO applying for the Student Visa.

Prepare to study abroad… Prepare for a better life.

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