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MBA in Europe

MBA in European countries have better curriculum than others.

Stay back option- Longer stay back option though master program remains for one year.

Management degrees remain one of the most sought-after. What has changed, however, is where students want to pursue their education. The USA has traditionally been a go-to destination for international students to do MBA. However, in recent times, European countries have emerged as a much-preferred alternative, bringing a lot of perks and advantages to the table.

World-Renowned B-Schools

There are many reasons why countries like Germany, France, Spain, and Italy are attracting thousands of Indian students. Foremost, they home some of the leading business schools. ESMT Berlin (Germany), IE Business School (Spain), INSEAD Business School (France), and Bocconi University (Italy) are a few globally recognized institutes for MBA aspirants that boast world-class facilities and infrastructure. They offer a wide range of management courses – from finance and marketing to international business and human resource – assuring to suit students with all kinds of career goals and aspirations.

Save Months

Depending on the university and specialization you choose, you can complete your MBA in Europe in just one year (or 18 months), as opposed to two years in the USA and India. So, not only do you get better quality education through an intensive curriculum but you also save months.

Affordable MBA in Europe

Universities in the European nations are also recognized for relatively low tuition fees. In countries like Germany, you can complete your MBA at an affordable expense. This is one of the biggest USPs that bringso many international students to Europe.

Plenty of Job Opportunities

After completing their management program, the graduates enjoy plenty of job opportunities, finding placement in some of the topmost companies in Europe and across the world. So, the international students, with a solid portfolio, are positioned strongly to build a desired career.

Better Standard of Living

Of course, spending time in Europe is an advantage itself. Students enjoy a better standard of living with convenient transportation, better healthcare and friendly community. Blessed with magnificent natural beauty, students are assured to enjoy their stay here to a point that they may want to live here permanently.

Do You Want to Do MBA Abroad?

The mentioned are a few common reasons why European countries are best for management programs. If you want to do your MBA abroad, Europe might just be the right destination for you. Depending on your needs, pick a fitting country, university and MBA specialization. If you need help, consider contacting overseas education consultant for college admissions counseling. They will assist you end-to-end in getting admission in the best B-school in Europe.

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