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Canada is one of the top destinations for Indians who want to live abroad. In recent times though, in addition to being preferred by the working professionals, the country has also turned head of the Indian students. While Canada already attracted many students from abroad, this trend has deepened in recent times. This comes on the back of the shifting needs and priorities of students who want to study overseas. They are now more aware or perceptive of the quality of life they want along with the quality of education. And when it comes to ‘quality of life’, Canada consistently ranks among the top nations. Also, the country is relatively friendly to immigrants with more career and residency opportunities. So, after the completion of their programs, international students can choose to stay back, work there, and even, inevitably, get permanent residency.

Quality Education, Fun Campus Culture

Talking strictly about education, Canada tops even here. It is one of the top-performing countries in this sector with a robust education infrastructure that’s friendly, innovative, and rewarding at the core. It is ranked among the top countries with the best higher education system. Some of the renowned universities like the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia are globally recognized with world-class facilities and highly reputed faculty members. With a wide range of programs, they cater to students with diverse goals and aspirations. The campus culture of colleges in Canada is another factor that seems to be attracting international students from around the world. The country homes some of the friendliest people who are kind and welcoming. The campuses remain a peaceful haven with a laid back model where students can enjoy their time studying with friends.

Other Reasons Why International Students Are Heading to Canada

There are plenty of other small and big reasons why Canada is now turning more heads of international students. Like, it is relatively safer vs. other countries. The standard of living is high with good healthcare and transportation facilities. With natural landscape blessing its geography, the country is exceptionally beautiful. It delivers higher peace. The country suits every kind of lifestyle and interest, whether you’re someone extrovert who loves going out or an introvert who loves alone-time with nature. SAT and Toefl with only IELTS.SAT and Toefl is not required in Canada.

Top reason for choosing Canada for education is because of easy settlement permanently.

The universities here, they are technologically-advanced with state-of-art facilities that provide a much better and effective learning experience.

Want to Study in Canada?

So, if you’re planning to study in Canada, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Many others are doing the same. But that said, with all its advantages, it’s worth noting that getting admission in top Canadian universities is easier said than done. You will very certainly encounter several challenges in finding the right institute, giving standardized tests like SAT and TOEFL, writing admission essays, applying for a student visa, and other things associated with the process of applying to study abroad. To ensure you properly manage these challenges and successfully get admission to a top university – it’s recommended to have experts by your side who can navigate you in the right direction. So, do reach out to experienced overseas education consultants, tap on their expertise, and make your dreams of pursuing higher education in Canada a reality.

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