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5 Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer UK for Higher Education

86 percent of Indian students who studied in the UK universities say they feel welcome in the UK.

A friendly and welcoming environment is just one of the numerous reasons why the UK has now emerged as the most preferred destination for Indian students to pursue their higher education. While the country was already a fair attraction for international students, it is now an even bigger hotspot owing to a host of several factors.

Here are 5 reasons why Indian students prefer the UK:

  1. Better quality education and Less expensive- The class and quality of education delivered in the universities in the UK, which are internationally-recognized, cannot be outmatched or overstated. The curriculum is robust, intensive and well-thought-through to produce some of the best leaders, intellectuals and innovators also Master program in UK is for 1 year hence less expensive than most countries.
  2. Ideal for every ambition- Unlike some other countries that are suited only for one or two career stream, the UK is an abode of every kind of ambition. Whether you want to become a doctor, engineer, computer scientist, author, or economists – the universities in the UK has got you covered from every angle also it Does not need any test preparation like GRE, GMAT, SAT for doing Masters, MBA or Undergraduate program.
  3. Diverse culture- Just like you and any Indian, thousands of students come to the UK to pursue higher education. This amalgamation of different cultures shapes college campuses in the UK to be more vibrant and exciting. This makes students’ experience fun and exciting and the Students can stay upto 6 years after course.
  4. Free medical treatment- If you have enrolled in a full-time course, you will be eligible for a range of health benefits, including free medical treatment by the National Health Service. To that, under certain conditions, your spouse and dependent-child might be eligible for the free medical treatment as well.
  5. Better employability- The universities in the UK are globally recognized and respected. Being a graduate from one such university automatically puts in a better position, exposing you to many high-paying employment opportunities. In fact, Indian students who studied in the UK earn above-average salaries and the best part is Students with huge gap year or backlog can get admission.

These are only five reasons why Indian students wanting to pursue higher studies in abroad choose the UK. A large number of scholarships available to these students, along with various other ways to finance their college education, is another big reason.

Find a Good Overseas Education Consultant

So, if you want to study abroad, the UK could perhaps be the best choice; that’s where thousands of Indian students steering towards.

Connect with overseas education consultant for college admission counselling. Tap on their services to better understand and prepare for the test for higher studies abroad (like GMAT, TOEFL, more). Get their help in finding a fitting university in the UK; get their help in the admission application and visa application process. Writing a good admission essay could be a challenge; these consultants can help you with that.

In short, while as exciting and rewarding as studying in the UK is, the process to turn that dream into a reality requires proper planning. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Having experts by your side holding your hands through every step can make the biggest difference.

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