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Admission to coveted universities abroad has its challenges; it’s not easy. The administrations there focus not just on applicants’ scores but their whole aptitude and personality. Yes, they want students with good score in SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT or other relevant standardized tests. But that’s just bare minimum. Their criteria – and preference – goes beyond that vanity boundaries, touching holistic elements, like what kind of career the student wants to build, what is their passion, what are their hobbies, how is their interpersonal skill, what problems are they interested in solving, and so forth. This is why, for students aspiring to pursue a bachelor’s degree abroad from any prestigious university, profile building is very important.

What is Profile Building?

Profile building, as is evident by the name, is a process of developing your expertise and experience to showcase on a CV. Its main objective is to exhibit your skills, projects, interests, achievements, academic journey and various other aspects that provide better insights about you to the admission officer at the university. There are no hard rules as to how your profile should look or what you should include. For instance, if you’re applying for business undergraduate studies, primarily showcasing your entrepreneurial undertakings in your teenage years – like buying and selling products online for profit – might make your profile so much stronger. Similarly, if you’re going in the arts field, focusing on, say, the state/national art competition you won could be more preferable.

Why Universities Care About Your Profile?

In the end, as mentioned, the intention of building your profile is to display to the admission officer at the university that you’re a perfect applicant for the program you’re applying for. It intends to put you forth, in a more universal way, in regards to who you are, what you have accomplished, what you want to accomplish, what kind of skills you have, and so forth.In addition to providing details about you, a solid profile is also important to outstand competition. If you’re applying to one of the top universities abroad for a popular program, there would be many other applicants as well. To get the admission, you’ll have to position yourself better than others.

A Quick Technique to Build a Stronger Profile

So, if you want to study abroad, it’s essential that you start building your profile; the sooner you start, the better. A simple approach to this is first figuring out which universities you like and what program you would want to pursue. Thereon, find out the admission requirements and preferences of those universities; among others, talking to their students and following the faculty there can reveal relevant information. And from there, you create a tailored profile that’s more likely to woo the admission committee at those institutes.

Contact Overseas Education Consultant for Help

Admittedly, despite reading and watching all the help guides, building a strong profile is easier said than done. You would still have confusion around what to do to make your profile stronger and attractive. This is why it’s always recommended to get help from overseas education consultants. There are several strings attached to pursuing higher education in abroad, including profile building. It could get quite overwhelming for aspirants. So, having experts by their side who can navigate them in the right direction makes a big difference. It ensures that not only do they have a solidly built profile but also the entire admission process is convenient and successful.

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