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PSAT Preparation

Preliminary SAT or PSAT is now a must for every student planning to sit for SAT and get admission to a top university abroad.

PSAT is also tied to the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (which is why it’s also known as PSAT/NMSQT®). So, those who score high in PSAT in their junior year stand a chance to receive National Merit Scholarship. Although this financial aid isn’t available for non-US students, PSAT still holds an important position and there are several reasons why you should take it.

In that context, here are five reasons why you should take the PSAT:

1. Critical part of SAT preparation

SAT preparation is far from easy. It takes time and effort. There’s a reason why so many students take the SAT multiple times just to achieve the right score that enables them admission to a top university.

So, PSAT has emerged to be a critical part of SAT preparation, recommended to every student who wants to do well in the SAT.

2. Good (and affordable) practice

The more you practice, the better you will be prepared for the SAT.

PSAT is a good practice avenue for the SAT. It’s also an affordable option.

There are many institutes that charge exorbitantly high for SAT practice tests. In comparison, PSAT is a more rigorous and cost-effective option.

3. Helps you assess yourself

PSAT score report is intensive and provides a lot of details. You will find your total score and sectional scores. You will also see your college readiness benchmarking.

So, the benchmarking and percentile provide you with adequate insights to assess your preparedness for the SAT. The report can help you discover the gaps in your preparation and take proper measures.

4. A great simulation

The preparation is just one part of the process. The “big day” may feel much different. Many students get nervous on the test day, which subsequently hurts their performance.

PSAT is a fitting SAT simulation where you can experience how things would be on the big day. This will help you mentally prepare for the test, as well as give you the needed confidence.

5. Create a roadmap

Based on your PSAT score, you can plan your path ahead.

For instance, if you scored less in your PSAT, your SAT score might not be too different; especially if there’s not enough time for preparation. In that case, you can create an alternative roadmap wherein you choose universities that will accept the SAT score you will possibly get. You can find more about its application process and fees, as well as prepare your move to that city – all this in advance.

So, PSAT can provide you the opportunity to stay a step ahead in your planning to move to the US for higher studies.

Final words

These are some of the reasons why you should take the PSAT.

If you need more information about the test or want help with the preparation, get in touch with experts at Frame Learning. We have helped hundreds of students get admission to the best universities in the US – and we assure you the same outcome.

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