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Digital SAT is the next iteration of the standardized test that is used for college admissions.

The College Board, the organization that administers the SAT, has announced that the exam will move from a paper and pencil format to a digital format.

This change is set to roll out internationally in 2023 and in the US in 2024.

Why the change?

One of the main reasons for this change is to address concerns related to access during the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital format of the SAT will allow more students to take the test, regardless of their location or circumstances.

The College Board hopes that the shorter and easier format of the test will help to narrow performance gaps and make the SAT a more useful assessment of college readiness.

The digital SAT will be shorter than the current version, with one hour removed from the reading, writing, and math assessment – making it two hours instead of three.

This change is intended to make the test more accessible for students who may have limited time or attention span. It’s worth noting that this change is not only about the format of the test, but also about the content.

The College Board is also revising the test to make it more relevant to what students are learning in school and to better measure their college readiness. The new digital SAT brings changes to make the test more accessible and relevant to students’ learning.

However, it still measures the knowledge and skills that are crucial for college admission, and educators and students can continue to track their growth on the same 1600 scoring scale.

What to expect?

With the ability to test on a personal or school-issued device, the two-hour test format, and faster score release, the process will be more convenient and efficient for students applying to colleges overseas.

The shorter reading passages and the built-in graphing calculator will also make the test more manageable for students.

Additionally, digital score reports will connect students to different courses, career options, and training programs.

The digital SAT is also more secure with unique versions of the test for each student, preventing cheating and paper leaks.

This new format will make the test-taking experience more flexible, secure and help students make faster decisions on their overseas education.

How to respond?

The changes in the digital SAT format will require a slightly different approach to preparation for students who want to study abroad.

For the reading section, students will need to focus on becoming more informed readers and cultivating opinions, rather than just being a passive recipient of facts. In the writing and language section, students will need to become familiar with all grammar topics in detail. For the math section, students will need to put additional focus on formulas and facts to finish the section in time.

With these changes, students must adapt their study strategies to be more focused on key reading and writing skills, as well as math formulas and facts.

This will help them to be better prepared for the digital SAT and more likely to succeed in the college admissions process for studying abroad.

Have more questions about the digital SAT?

Consult an overseas education consultant to learn more about the changes in the format and how they may impact your college application. They can provide you with personalized guidance and help you navigate the new test-taking experience.

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