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“It takes time to develop a new immigration route and ensure the framework is in place for it to successfully operate,” said UK’s Home Office in response to why did it take so long to happen.

Perhaps it could have happened way before. After all, UK’s government made the announcement more than a year back in September 2019. Nonetheless, the Graduate immigration route is here and it’s good news for international students who want to study in the UK. The proposed immigration route will be launched in 2021 summer.

What UK’s Graduate Immigration Route Means for International Students?

Under the Graduate immigration route, after completing their course, the international students can apply for a post-study visa. With this visa, they can stay back in the country for 2 years to work or to look for work at any skill level. The visa duration is of 3 years for students who have completed their PhD; this route replaces the existing Doctorate Extension Scheme.

There are a few basic level requirements that international students must meet to benefit from the graduate immigration route.

  • If you’re already enrolled in any of the UK’s universities and are completing the course in summer 2021 – to be eligible, you must return to the country by 6th April 2021 and complete the final semester in the UK before your current visa expires.

  • Those who graduate before the route is introduced, they won’t be eligible.
  • You must have a valid Student Visa.

As more details are expected, the government may introduce other criteria.

Don’t Just Study in the UK – Build a High-Flying Career

The UK was already one of the top destinations for international students. The country homes some of the world’s top universities. The quality of education is unparalleled. The country’s diverse culture is welcoming to students from across the world. Give this a quick read: 5 Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer UK for Higher Education

With the Graduate immigration route to go into action from this summer, now you can not only study in the UK but even build a successful career there. Complete your undergraduate, post-graduate or doctoral students, and then apply for the visa under this route. (You’ll have to pay an application fee!)

Stay in the UK for up to 2 years [3 years if you have completed PhD], work in any kind of job, and stride towards creating a desired career for yourself.

Need More Information?

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