What is Psychology?

According to the American Psychological Association, Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. It is comparatively new science, being practiced only since the last 150 years or so. However, in Greece, it can be traced back to 400-500 BC.


What do you gain from each internship here?

Having done a psychology internship not only opens your doors to the exquisite knowledge of the way of the workings of the mind if you are new to Psychology, but also gives you a considerably strong foundation and/or specialization of the way this science is carried out depending on the type of internship you do. Having been created and delivered by a Psychologist and researcher herself, these internships are structured based on their difficulty levels from which you can choose and are delivered in an intern-friendly way, where you partially self-pace, gaining real hands-on experience wherever necessary. You get to ask your questions in the live sessions, solve practical questions and at the end achieve in-depth knowledge and experience.


Who is it for?

Thanks to the wide spectrum of interest in Psychology kept in mind while creating and categorising the internships, the internships are open for anyone ranging from a stranger to the science to someone who has completed their Masters in the subject. Each internship has its own difficulty level, and can be completed by both students of both arts and science. For more specified categorisation, please check each internship details.

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