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Aspiring to pursue higher education in the USA and Canada – and possibly live in any of these nations – more students are taking SATs. It is one of the mandatory admission tests that almost every North American university requires students to sit for.

So, if you’re planning to study abroad, you need your SAT score when filling up your application form.

But here’s where it gets tricky: SAT exam is far from easy. It’s challenging to ace. What if you score poorly? (It’s a common obstacle many Indian students face!)

Did You Analyze Your Mock Tests and What is The Improvement of Score from One Mock Test to The Other?

Scored between 400 and 1600, the SAT score national averages for the class of 2019 was 1059. But even if you map up to this benchmark, you still aren’t assured of college admission. Different universities have different basic requirements. To that, if there are too many students applying to the same university, you would face higher competition. Meaning, you would not only have to match the university’s basic SAT score requirement, but you also would have to outdo other applicants to stay on top and stand a chance at getting the admission.

Again, it’s not easy.

Which Section did You Scored Less? Is it The Quant or The Verbal and What was The Difficulty.

Most of the time the difficulty will be answer all the questions in time because there will be some questions which will be tricky and takes time to answer.

Interestingly and fortunately, you can take the SAT as many times as you wish. In India, the exam is administered five times a year.

But then that doesn’t mean you rush to sit for the exam again.

Don’t Rush for Another SAT:

Even if you think your SAT score is unsatisfactory, there could still be various opportunities at your disposal. Get in touch with abroad education consultants to discover these opportunities and get a second opinion.

Even with your existing score, they can scour for good colleges and even assist you through the application process, including with your college essay, which is another barrier that gets many applicants rejected.

So, discuss with your abroad education consultants; seek career counseling if needed. Discuss with them your career goals, aspirations, and interests. See if they recommend you any good college and program. Get help from them with the admission application and beyond, including scholarship and student visa.

Before Taking SAT Check Your Foundation in English and Maths. If Your Foundation is Weak You will Fail to Learn The Technique as SAT is A Technique Based Exam.

In case, if you are to take the SAT again, which isn’t really uncommon for students, you should do better this time with planning and preparation. Signing up to a SAT coaching center is highly recommended. The coaching will take you through a rigorous curriculum, preparing you better for the test. Do well this time and get admission in the desired college.

In the end, you need to remember that scoring less in your SAT – or any other entrance test – isn’t an endgame. Opportunities still exist; you simply need to find and tap on them. The key is to not get disheartened, anxious, and make hasty decisions – but instead work along with good abroad education consultants to navigate in the right direction.

Fulfilling your dream to study abroad is now easier than ever. With some research, better planning, and the right experts by your side – you can make it and write for yourself a successful career thereon.

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