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Study Law in UK

The UK homes some of the world’s leading law schools. So naturally, a lot of Indian students choose to pursue their law career in the UK. A common question, however, many students have is after completing their law education abroad, can they practice in India? And what’s the whole process look like?

BCI-recognized Universities in the UK for Law Degrees

There are 45 universities in the UK that are recognized by the Bar Council of India. You can study law in any of these schools and your degree would be recognized (and esteemed even) back home in India. Some of the popular names in this list include Oxford University, Cambridge University, LEEDS University, University of Bristol, University of Sussex, and more.

Even if you complete your law degree in a non-recognized university in the UK doesn’t mean your efforts will go in vain or your degree is a waste. Basically, the Bar Council of India approves of law degrees from a university abroad if it’s a 3-year LLB degree that’s obtained after a first degree (BA, BCom, BSC, or BBA) or if it’s a 4-year LLB degree obtained jointly with another subject followed by one-year full-time master’s degree in law. BCI doesn’t recognize diploma courses or two-year degrees.

Giving All India Bar Examination (AIBE)

After completing your law degree in the UK and returning to India, you will have to register to your State Bar Council. Thereon, you will have to sit for the All India Bar Examination (AIBE). After acing the exam, you can practice law in India. This is the process for students who have done their law program from a recognized university in the UK. In case if you got your degree from a non-recognized university, you will have to apply to practice directly to the Bar Council of India. Their team will assess your application on a case-by-case basis, either allowing you for AIBE or rejecting the application.

Take a Step to Study Law in the UK

There are numerous benefits of doing law in the UK. As mentioned, the country has the best law schools in the world that have produced some of the most recognized lawyers. The law degrees from these universities are accepted worldwide. So, if you don;t want to return to India and instead want to go to a different country, you will find many great opportunities even there with the same law degree. Moreover, graduating from top universities position you for placement in top multinational companies. It also ensures a great pay package and financial returns.

So, if law is your true calling, take a step to pursue your higher education in the UK. Enroll yourself in the best law programs. Many law schools in the UK require students to sit for LNAT or The National Admissions Test for Law.. You need to score well in this test to get admission to a top university. At Frame Learning, we offer a dedicated LNAT program to help students prepare for the test better. Check it out here. Learn from experts, get end-to-end support with the LNAT preparation process, and take confident strides to ace the test. For more information, please get in touch with us today.

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