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Top Universities In USA That Accept GRE Tests: A Guide For Indian Students

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an important test for Indian students seeking graduate education in the US. 

GRE scores are widely accepted by prestigious universities offering excellent programs across disciplines, and they open doors to a world-class US education. 

Here are 15 leading US institutions that consider GRE scores and deliver exceptional learning experiences for international students. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Globally admired for cutting-edge innovation, MIT dominates the engineering and technology spheres. Its vibrant academic milieu, supported by distinguished faculty, makes MIT a foremost choice for students keen to lead advancements in science and tech.

Yale University

Yale fosters robust environments across arts, law, and environmental studies. With a rich history and extensive resources, it helps students develop a broad, global perspective on world issues.

Stanford University

Excelling across spheres like business, engineering, and humanities, Stanford enjoys prime Silicon Valley proximity, integrating hands-on tech exposure with academic learning – ideal for students keen on entrepreneurship and startups.

Cornell University

From veterinary science to hotel administration and industrial labor relations, Cornell provides immense academic diversity supported by extensive research opportunities.

Harvard University

With unparalleled resources across all fields, Harvard holds particular dominance in law, business, and medical sciences. Its globally revered reputation and extensive alum network make Harvard a top choice for ambitious students.

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Princeton University

With prowess in engineering, humanities, and finance, Princeton is known for close student-faculty bonds and a collaborative spirit that bolsters personalized attention.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Although small, Caltech is famed for its mighty research output, specifically in physical sciences and engineering. For students dedicated to innovation in science and technology, Caltech is perfect.

University of Chicago

Renowned for rigorous scholarship and intellectual intensity, UChicago excels in economics, business, and policy. It suits students who thrive in challenging academic environments and analytic thinking.

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)

UPenn shines in its interdisciplinary approach, with particular strengths in business (Wharton), healthcare, and engineering. Blending theoretical and practical knowledge, it prepares students for immediate career impact.

Columbia University

Located in the heart of NYC, Columbia emphasizes global business, journalism, and public policy — providing access to immense networking and career opportunities.

UC Berkeley

A leader in fields such as environmental sciences, engineering, and public health, Berkeley is celebrated for its progressive ideology and commitment to solving real-world problems through research.

University of Michigan

With stellar programs in engineering, business, and medicine, Michigan provides top-notch research facilities and faculty that deliver comprehensive, engaging education.

Northwestern University

Excelling in journalism, law, and theater arts, Northwestern blends cutting-edge infrastructure with a progressive ethos, preparing students for dynamic career trajectories.


Highly regarded for business, law, film, and dentistry, UCLA’s location offers excellent exposure to leading entertainment and healthcare industries.

Duke University

Known for robust research and expert faculty across business, law, and medicine, Duke seamlessly integrates knowledge with practical learning to serve professional ambitions.

Final Thoughts

Many of these universities offer specialized financial aid and scholarships for international students, easing monetary burdens and facilitating access. 

If you’re considering studying in USA and need support to navigate complex applications, overseas education consultants can help streamline the journey. Their personalized advice and effective GRE test prep courses can maximize your admissions prospects at top universities. Get in touch with them.

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